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The Staubsauger Geschicht Of Gunk, Spinne And Ifot!

Community living isn’t all it’s cut out to be.

It’s been two weeks since we moved and while I totally love our new flat and city, I had a wake up call while cleaning out the Kellerraum assigned to us.

Unlike our last apartment, all washing machines are connected down in the cellar. Granted, the drying room is massive but that only makes cleaning all the more tedious.

The first day I set the washer, I got a peek into how dirty the place was and I couldn’t for the life of me understand how anyone would comfortably hang their washing in a room full of gunk and cobwebs. If I hung my lady parts coveralls down there, I would have a major conniption.

Imagine finding a dead spider on the seat of your panties that should cover your precious parts?! Whatttttt?

We don’t own a dryer so hanging on a line is what we do. But moving into a building this old with connections not set to what I’m used to, we have had to adjust. We cannot be washing only on the weekends any more because unlike the old apartment, we have to share drying space with strangers(I mean nachbarn!).

The first day I washed, I knew that if I wanted to make use of the room for line drying, I would have to do some major putzen. The amount of dirt? Good lawd!

Hell, even my Staubsauger refused to do anymore. The poor baby könnte nicht mir funktioniert und ich don’t blame him at all. So I turned it off and used the good old method of a brush and dust pan. All the time I took off cobwebs and clipped my nostrils, I kept on imagining spiders and other crawlies making a nest auf my haut. Thankfully I had tied a scarf around my head to protect my hair because I wasn’t ready to wash hair that I just braided(try braiding very very short afro hair and tell me how easy it was!).

So, I’m all bent over, dust and gunk burrowing in my nose when a neighbor comes over, says hello and tells me how the detergent box I was using to store the crap(my word not hers!) I was sweeping off the floor was hers and she keeps it beside her machine to store the fleck from her dryer!???.

Well I told her it’s still Müll oder? So no Biggie. I would simply empty the box and keep it right back. It’s actually good she came down at the time she did because my initial plan was to toss even the box along with the crap.

Anyways, I go back later to do a second round of washing and I noticed she had replaced a basket filled with washing liquid bottles, dirt and cobwebs back beside our washer. I had found another spot for it because no way was I cleaning another person’s personal crap and no way was I letting something so dirty beside my precious washing machine!

I did take it away again and this time, I put a wide bucket in its place with the hopes that said neighbor will understand that I had my reason for taking it away in the first place. I haven’t been down there since I moved it( no elevator in the building so it’s good old staircase!).

Tomorrow I will go for another set of washing and Lord help her if she moved it again. My Ibibio witchery shall be revealed!??? Oh dear, I need to search for my hat and broomstick! ????.

It will most definitely take me a while to adjust to community living, but because I totally love the new place( we have our own balcony!!)it will be fun.

I plan to clean up outside the Keller because looking down from my balcony and setting my eyes on dead leaves ain’t fun. Sure, Herbst comes after the summer holidays but I won’t mind a clean stair way until the next season!

Meanwhile my Black Radiance foundation is finally leer and as far as I know, no store sells it around me. I tried ordering from the US site, aber they don’t ship internationally.

So my next trip to visit Uncle Sam shall involve some Black Radiance Bestellung!

I will be using the Pro Conceal from L.A Girl until then!

On Sunday, we are off to one of the best burger joints I ever visited and I just may be blogging about it! And it’s summer ?yay because I get to show some brown skin!??

Here is to a fabulous weekend Leute!

God bless!✌



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