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Beef Brothers: Kindheitstraum

So, yassss! I decided to blog about our double date at the Beef Brothers Imbiss near Rudolfplatz.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take better photos from different vantage points because I got the idea that they wouldn’t allow it with the vast number of people flocking in and out.

SAM_1084 SAM_1086 SAM_1082

It would have been just too tasking to keep asking each person if they don’t mind their photos on my blog. So I was left with getting photos with no one in them.

SAM_1081 SAM_1085

Boring I know but I am still learning to walk up to strangers and ask their permission for photos and all….

Anyways, so Beef Brothers was started on the 17th of April 2010 by two brothers Felix und Jan-Paul Windhausen. They grew up in a home where amazing food was a totally normal experience. Their dad basically cooked daily for the whole family and their grandma was a chef.


The interesting point of their story is the fact that owning a food joint is something they had always dreamed of as kids.


After they got their education sorted, they basically decided to make their kid dream a concrete plan and their idea?

Sell what they love eating most…juicy and spicy burgers…in a city they were mostly in.

Their website explains their story better than I seem to be doing. But the point is that this makes for an interesting read oder?

I remember the first time we went there a few months ago and I was overwhelmed by the juicy flavors I got from each bite. Seriously!


Forget macdonalds or KFC or whatever burger place you know. When you spend your hard earned cash at the Beef Brothers Imbiss, your life as you know it will never be the same!

SAM_1092 SAM_1091

They have recipes on the board outside and inside auf einer schwarzer tafel, it’s all written down which trust me, doesn’t make your choice making decisions any less confusing!

Regular ham and cheese burgers, bacon burgers, bbq, chili burger,Don Vito and the Ol’ Dirty Bastard which boasts of the original Tyrell’s potato chips as part of the ingredient.

The aroma that whiffs off of your order makes you totally realise that you just spent your cash wisely!

Another thing I love is they don’t just serve your burger with regular dishes. No. You get your order in a small metal basket which for me just explains the creativity of these Männer!


So, it’s a small spot they operate in, but close to the heart of the city and a very busy location as well. Because of how small it is, you can find yourself joining a queue, waiting for anyone to get their butts off a seat so you can relax to enjoy your meal.


You place your order and make your payment. Then you get a number on your receipt and wait for said number to be called.

With our number being 352, I kept thinking in my head: they have made over 300 orders since they opened for the day? They opened at about 13:00 and this was past three! In just three hour? Wow!

It’s an amazing place for a casual hangout, very urban and a perfect place for family too.

Of course I ordered the chili burger….duh!

After we chowed all that burger goodness, we walked down a few blocks to one of the best ice cream places I have ever been to.

SAM_1094 SAM_1093

You know how the menus show you all these goodies in living color and when you order based on the photo, you realise your mistake? Not like that with this bar. As you see it in the menu book, so it is when you receive it!

IMG_20160612_220424 SAM_1099

It was huge! Next time, we are mos Def sharing one order!

We had wanted to visit a Tierpark but Gorgeousness wasn’t feeling the plan, plus we would have needed more time and it was too late for a zoo visit.

Well, Gott sei Dank dass wir dahin nicht gegangen haben because it rained so stark!

And with my outfit, I managed to catch a cold the next day! I had on a flowy lace top( we had munched pizza the night before and no way was I showing off my pot belly!)that Gorgeousness got me from pimkie and a pair of jeans from h&m which I picked up on Angebot for 7€!!


I was going to put on my Asos white shoes but those shoes aren’t made for walking I tell you!

At least not for a stroll around the city anyways! So I switched to a pair of black flats from h&m which I had gotten last Herbst. They are so comfy and I could wear them all summer.



I was feeling extremely girly and decided to let my beautiful asos clutch tag along which wasn’t such a bad idea after all cos I used it to store my camera. I didn’t want to carry the camera bag because it makes me lazy and the urge to shoot away just isn’t there when I take it out!

So that’s how our weekend happened! It was fun hanging out with the couple plus who doesn’t love a good reason to play dress up abi?



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