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Notes, Crap Und Die Nervige Nachbarin

We finally got a kitchen!!!!!!

Well not the whole thing because it was custom built for the previous owner, so fitting into our own kitchen was going to be extremely tasking and in this summer season? Nah ah!

I am too excited about finally getting our kitchen. We haven’t installed it in yet since we need to get a work space, cupboards and drawers before it looks anything like a regular kitchen, but we have the basics: dishwasher, oven and a fridge.

I am still however trying to get used to the idea of living in such close proximity with my new neighbors. Hearing kids run up and down the stairs, almost tripping on tricycles and having to make certain they get into the cellar, in the room made for bicycles, hearing the mothers scream at the kids(well, Gorgeousness hears that. I am yet to!). Going over to the balcony and having to watch the skies and trees with smoker neighbors, seeing them walk their dogs in the garden at the backyard, sharing a wash room….

It’s all good really and it def will be fun experiencing real apartment life.

The not so fun part is having a moving basket match in the wash room with my neighbor. I talked about how she saw fit to keep her crap beside my own washing machine in an old post and das geht so nicht!

It pleases me to walk into the line drying room oder the Waschraum and gaze upon the neatness I helped create.

So of course I will not stand for anyone putting her wash trash beside my Sachen. I’m sorry but that’s a huge no.

Three times now we have had to move stuff. She puts the basket back and I move it again usw.

However, today I went down to wash a few stuff and what did I see?

Yup, the lady moved her dirty basket right back with the little note that basically translates to “hands off thank you”

I was so mad I wanted to scream.

I don’t mind her putting her basket there so long as what is inside is 100% clean. Why would I sweat to clean up crap for the whole building and have my own personal space dreckig? That doesn’t work for me at all. Like not at all.

I keep feeling troublesome and wondering if I should just ignore her. But that’s not who I am. The former Mieter probably didn’t mind cos lawd knows he was as untidy as she was so they must have reveled in their combined dirt with pride.

This is where we will be living for a while and as long as we are neighbors, she needs to get that a new sheriff is in town and such untidy living doesn’t work with me.

I once spoke to an old friend about how my neighbors don’t really care much for Reinigung and she said I should just keep my own spot clean and ignore the rest.

It’s ok to sure just clean up my floor, without caring much for the rest. Our last apartment, we lived on the ground floor, so it was easy to just clean our own floor plus the entrance door.

Here, we live at the top and walking down the other floors, coming in contact with cobwebs and whatever, it’s getting hard to ignore. If no one is down with paying someone to clean, shouldn’t we at least keep our floors clean and take turns with the entrance?

Don’t get me wrong, the floors are not überhaupt dirty, I just want it extra clean! Is that asking for too much? Me thinks not.

Sure I’m yet to clean up our floor(plan to do that once I’m done with our flat) but man! It’s going to be tricky!

Is this how every German family living in close quarters in an old building behave? I have no idea. This is my first major experience.

I hope we get to settle it like the adults we are without involving the Hausmeister or me ringing her bell and letting her have it the African way, spiced up with some black girl magic drama.

But until then, this was my response to her:

No dirty stuff /trash beside me thank you very much!

I’m actually looking forward to her next move. I feel like we are playing a live game of chess and being that I suck at chess but excellent at being a trouble maker, it would be komplett spaß to see how this ends.

Now I’m off to check out the new set of induction pans we ordered because our new cooking surface doesn’t use regular pans!

Mbok, how do you deal with worrisome neighbours?

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