Of Zemo Und Die Jollof Wahrheit

Yesterday, we decided to try a new recipe we found on wovenblends and we loved it! For a first recipe, I thought it was too much arbeit/utom because it felt like I was making jollof and coconut rice at the same time (which I literally was).

It was a combo of the two recipes and that for me was just too much. However, it turned out great. Can’t beat a fun tasting Nigerian recipe! It’s Jollof rice people! That is the truth!

Today, it tasted better. And we had it together with a veggie mix Wurst sauce. Anyways, late lunch was served together with the Civil war movie and boy was I psyched!

The first fight sequence was staged in Lagos, Nigeria. Yup, du hast richtig gehört! Lagos y’all.

Now I am all for whatever puts Nigeria out there especially in a media frenzy world but you see my problem with Hollywood? They never project certain cities properly.

It’s Captain freaking America people of H town. What stops you from contacting the Lagos government and laying down your plans for a scene?

OK so maybe Nollywood hasn’t done anything to lift the Nigerian movie industry….zero nada, null…. still, I fail to see how Hollywood ends up potraying Nigeria so badly as they always do. Hell, they don’t even get the accents right. Listen, there are Nigerian people willing to appear in minor roles if that would be a true potrait.

Or hell, find Nigerian natives in the US of A and get these parts properly done. Haba! Kilode!

I mean come on, Agent Romanoff had on bloody leather boots tucked into black pants! ?

In Nigeria? Midday? Lagos that is famous for its heat? Why would you do that?

I have a whole lot of negative things to say about the Lagos scene but it truly didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie!

And then there was the Bucharest scene. Sure Romania is a Republic in southeast Europe and is a member state of the EU, still they put German as the language spoken in the city in the scene where Steve Rogers goes to Bucky’s apartment. I mean really? The Germans make about 0.2% of the population. Sure Romania played a big part in the second world war, and Germans are a significant ethnic group after Romania Gypsies, Jews, Turks and Hungarians but I still fail to see the huge significance of the German language in the movie except that Zemo probably kommt aus the 0.2%.

I should probably research that more deeply oder? It just confused me seeing Polizei written across the vests and cars, plus the language being used as if Germans were the majority in Bucharest.

Bring in Mr Chadwick Boseman als Black Panther. When he first appeared I went bonkers thinking it was my main Boo Chiwetel Ejiofor because they kinda look alike from behind.

Chadwick Boseman is an American actor who potrayed James Brown in Get On Up but we first saw him in Gods Of Egypt and I thought he was pretty cool.

He was holy shit amazing as Black Panther and I kept wondering why he hadn’t appeared ever since but hey better late than never oder?

Civil war was a great movie and I would most Def watch it over and over again. I know we are so stale watching it now but I was completely overjoyed because it turned out really good.

I would say however that it is the best Captain America movie to have been released since the first instalment. Not that I’m dissing the others because those were totally great. This one just hit it big major time!

I loved the way each group tried to recruit superheroes to join in their quest for world peace.

All through the fight scene, I thought it was really sad that the avengers was broken up and fighting each other in order to establish a right of doing good the best way they can, to make up for past destruction, silent deaths and chaos.

It’s like the movie Rules Of Engagement where Samuel Jackson’s character explained that no matter what the outcome of war is, innocent people would always die. Sad but totally true.

From past experiences (at least movie wise) a full partnership with the government on matters of war and peacekeeping has hardly ever turned out as expected because of the high voltage politics consumes in the matter.

I completely understood Tony Stark and Agent Romanoff on trying to win the public back, trying to make amends for errors. But the truth is that a pact with the govt for these heroes, regardless of good intentions will always be open to exploitation by someone who wakes up one day and decides he wants absolute control over mutants, meta humans, genetically modified dnas usw.

I mean it can be compared to real life situations and a huge example would be Ken Saro Wiwa who was a Nigerian writer but best known as an activist from Ogoni Land in the Niger Delta. No matter how peaceful and non violent his campaigns were, he was still a threat to the government, just like the heroes. Was he guilty of the crimes he was punished for? I do not know that.

My point in all of this is that civil war is particularly dangerous and it’s like the character played by Daniel Brühl said: when the enemy destroys an empire, it can can rise up again. But when an empire is destroyed from within, it cripples …..or something along that line!

Zemo has to be the most incredible villain of all time. He basically took down the Avengers without so much as a single super power. He reaped the seeds of hate and vengeance that he didn’t sow. He didn’t want world domination, he just wanted plain old vengeance.

Everything he did from the beginning where he came up to a Hydra agent was brought on by guilt which had grown into revenge and hate.

I thought it was pretty cool how Black Panther just basically learned a quick lesson on what the very idea of vengeance can do to you. Revenge is an amazing thing and it turns us into people with no other vision except seeking vengeance blindly and irresponsibly.

Sure we watch movies just for fun, edge seating action, history living quotes and fight sequences that defy gravity but at the end of it all, real life still reels through the tape.

Hate and revenge are never far apart. All sorts of strong feelings are brewed, ignorant mindless paths are created that lead to an ultimate goal which never ends well for either party.

You walk into a bar and murder innocent people because they live a life you cannot deal with. You go into the house of God and kill worshippers because their skin color bothers you.

It’s sad really but I mean, so ist es. There’s always going to be a group of people who feel the need to do bad things but good should always prevail oder? No matter how bad things or people get, the goodness that lives on this planet should matter. Matter enough to shake down all elements of crap!


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