Die Angst Vor Dem Frieden

The blog is officially 2 years alt und ich habe meine alte Beiträge gelesen….lustig. They were basically a few lines long and it’s great to see how far I have come with my attempt at blogging.

Shockingly, I discovered an old blog I created in 2011 and it was a disaster as I read all of the what? Four posts maybe!

In light of the recent vote results that determined the exodus of England from the EU, it got me thinking about how that relates to starting something and trying your best to stick with it or not.

Six countries founded the EU and others gradually joined, strengthening the bond that arose from the treaties signed and also of course maintaining peace. Now I don’t do politics so don’t expect to read anything ground breaking as per my political point of view. Tut mir leid.

There was a reason the EU was created and ever since it’s creation, life may not have been perfect but it has been great and also for people (non eu citizens) who have the travel bug because having your passports perused when you are tired and thirsty plus all other adventures that maybe didn’t go well isn’t very comfy or worse having to go through the visa application process.

A whole lot of decision makings, planning, compromise and belief in a great future were well thought out before the whöle process took effect.

So for a cranky old white man with a huge hatred for immigrants and who sprouts bravery from his ears on the subject of segregation to wake up one day and decide to have all the words strong enough to convince ignorant citizens on the greatness of Brexit, feeding off of the fear that has become the bane of our existence since the influx of immigrants into Europe and the negative aspect arising from the vandalism and disregard of humanity of equally ignorant immigrants.

I know that sometimes it may seem like I am strongly against immigration but what I am against is a set of people coming into another country and making nuisances of themselves, disrespecting the laws and making the female citizens of the country they migrate to feel unsafe and scared. Not wanting to properly integrate by learning and applying the rules of immigration.

How difficult is it really? You just want to make things hard for the rest of the people who actually make an effort because you came with an assurance from idiotic people of big homes and steady income from where you didn’t work? Are you gaming me?

But aside from the above rant, it really annoyed me this morning on the result from yesterday’s vote and it’s partly because I strongly believe that a lot of the people who wanted to stay only made their opinions known on social media. I mean hell, a news page blamed the turnout on the weather which was so sad. When you are passionate about something, the rain or cold or heat wouldn’t stop you from seeing it through. This is why jogging never makes it past my lips. In the winter I grumble that it’s too cold, in April I claim it’s too wet and in the summer it’s too hot.

I am not big on jogging so why should I go out of my way to actually go through with it?

And the most part of my anger came from the full impact of the mindless and ignorant citizens of Great Britain.

See, fear is a huge motivation, as ironic as that may sound. People would believe anything if it justifies the hatred they feel. If it makes them feel close to the idea of knowing that someone is doing something to make them feel good about themselves.

Said cranky old white man comes up with the promise to make the work force of England greater and keep immigrants away from the queen’s land(let’s not forget who made The White House possible) by leaving a union that was built on the grounds of peace for the people of Europe.

European countries were united economically and of course politically to secure lasting peace. Frequent and extremely blood filled wars between neighboring countries was as a result of the world war and the treaties were laid out in order to build a relationship. To create peace, to give hope to the future of Europe and a promise of some kind of world peace.

When you go to vote without arming yourself with all the reasons as to why the EU was formed, it begs the question on what the hell people learned….are learning in schools. Which is the sad part really because most of the leave voters didn’t even have an idea what the EU really is.

This is one of my social media cries about how we just sit behind a desk or our phones and allow ourselves to swallow ignorant opinions, believe crap because we are too stupid to stand up for what is right or have opinions that actually make sense.

With the exit of England from the EU, what’s to stop other countries from leaving?

It’s going to take two years for the full impact of the result to take effect. War has been predicted in 10-20 years due to this result.

It scares me shitless at the idea of war I mean who wouldn’t be. I have never experienced any type of war and I hope I never have to. Childish as it may sound.

Whatever happens, I hope and pray that the world doesn’t go to shit or that the British public don’t pay for their stupidity in the worst possible ways.

Because in as much as the British rulers think they have the citizen’s interest at heart, the fact remains that the EU will not hesitate to make certain that whatever deals the British people hope to make will not be granted so easily.

The EU exercises the right to refuse any deals introduced by the British. They would have to come up with something ground breaking to make up for the gigantic hole they have created. And with good reason too.


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