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Einhörner, Farben Und Die Kirchlichen Leute

Today was our second visit to the evangelische Kirche in our neighborhood and it was packed with families supporting their kids on their confirmation.

The first Sunday was just a handful of worshippers and I would have loved the hymn singing crowd to be a tad louder but that’s what you get with a few attendance.

But today however, I loved it. It gave me an insight into the religious life of the locals.

As far as I know, from experience of attending the church in our old neighborhood, only the old-timers were regular worshippers. Sometimes they arrived with grandkids who sat quietly beside them and that reminded me of my time as a kid in church while in Nigeria.

I personally didn’t like attending church. I would pray to God that my mum would wake up saying no service attendance for the Sunday.

While we didn’t go every single Sunday of my growing years, we went more times than we didn’t and we dressed up in our Sunday best!

The tradition went on even after I left home. I would search my wardrobe for the best looking outfits for a church attendance and I may have skipped church a few times on account of not having appropriate Sunday best!

Anyways, ever since attending German churches, I have noticed that they don’t dress to the teeth when coming into the house of God.


Which if you think about it, why should not having a spanking outfit be the reason you skip a service right? As long as you go into the house of the Almighty God to listen to his words and not expect a red carpet walk into the church with lights camera action razzmatazz oder?

We don’t do Church every week but I know I would never go without Gorgeousness. As long as he isn’t away at another city for a job why would I ? This I have never understood. My mother did it and it confused me a lot.

I’ve seen many young wives do it too and while I’m in no position to judge them and their actions, my thought on it regarding my mum is that it simply makes no sense.

My mum was giving me a tale or two once about a blood crying statue who predicted the end of world and a few other things which have come to pass. I told her to stop getting hooked line and sinker by such tales and she goes: don’t talk like that, you are from a Christian home(at this point I’m guessing she was at the office and had a few Mitarbeiter with her and wanted to do some showing off as is so very normal with Igbo women.

I then told her she had no right to say such things to me seeing as we never went to a worship service with dad so coming from a Christian home just doesn’t flow in this.

So back to the post point??….

I was gobsmacked by the attendance because the truth is half the kids or like Gorgeousness says: more than half would grow up to become atheists which begs the question of whether the Christian faith is going extinct.

Most people are either marrying Moslems and converting or becoming Buddhists or anything else that isn’t Christianity and the next question is if parents aren’t encouraging Christianity (if that is their religion of course duh!)

A lot of kids get brain washed into joining extreme Islamic groups that map out plans to wipe out humanity (because from the senseless killings what else is their plan right?)

Anyways. I’m all for respecting boundaries and religion and I believe that no matter what religion we are or which we choose, our personalities and characters are what make us different. If we choose to hide behind religion then that is our own bloody wahala.

So today’s service was a family service which I guess explains why the pews were all occupied, toddlers running around, plus the little cute chubby girl who went to the bathroom more times than I could count.

A friend asked if I didn’t feel weird being the only black person in the church and the truth is no I didn’t. The first time I attended a German Kirche vielleicht aber nicht mehr. The people coming to church aren’t attending on the grounds of racism. They aren’t attending service to spot a black or non Caucasian to bother them with stares and finger pointing.

I don’t know about other German churches but the two I have attended have shown me nothing but acceptance. The priests are very personal with everyone and would stop to say hi or expect you to smile and shake hands.

No one has made me uncomfortable or at least not to my face. No one has refused to hold my hand when the priest asked us to at the Messe /Abendmahl or just for a general prayer. If that happens? Well, we will definitely have a few things to say but until then, I’m just a regular black woman attending church services with the Mr.

Today, the weather was very weird. It was sunny but windy. It was fresh and cold at intervals but it was okay to get into some kind of Sunday best?.

I was going to put on the above pair of H/M black heels because I had seen this beautiful older lady at the train station rocking a pair of nude pumps high enough to make me stumble but she seemed like she had on sneakers (long story)but we were a few minutes late for Kirchendienst and it just wasn’t the time to be practicing heel strutting!

So I ended up with a pair of gorgeously studded flats I had “bought” from my sister, and the skirt was also H/M which I had picked up last year and never wore. It was a bit too tight at the thighs so I could not wear it in the winter with panty hose. I started a sort of diet plan last week (another blog post coming soon) so I was able to fit into it today.

I could probably just be kidding myself that said plan is working since I’m told results would only show after four weeks!

The armlose Oberteil I purchased from Pimkie which is a store I actually like(they do some crazy sales there people?) and much to my surprise the combo actually worked.

I am no fashionable lass and I can mix up colors to scare off a unicorn but I like to think that I have an opinionated view on playing dress up which can either go great or plunge into the depths of oblivion depending on how you look at it!

The clutch was a last minute impulse buying from Zara on one of our stroll around the city mall days.

I remember Gorgeousness not understanding why I would want a purse like that and my sister wondered the same thing too(I swear them two have the same sense of fashion some times!).

But I had just developed a craving for sweet looking purses for the summer and there was no stopping my flow.

Plus it was on sale and me being a thrifty(ok maybe more cheapskate than thrifty) lass, I had to own it. I love the feel of it and the colors are right up my rainbowed alley but I feel the need to be very careful cos if I accidentally scratch it over a sharp/rough surface, that’s the end of it.

It’s a grand new week y’all and I’m mighty excited to see it through regardless of trying to work through my diet plan and not get the urge to nibble.

Who knows, I just may go down a dress size….nah, not going to happen but I’m not complaining, I just want to stay a size 12 until I’m 90 ?????

Unicorns and wishes right?

Enjoy the week folks!




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