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Hallo alle!

It’s the third month into my Isana products challenge and I’m still in awe of how they seem to be doing my hair good.

Having cut my hair on the 7th of April, I am totally psyched by the growth rate and over all health.

Last week though I had the thought that maybe my hair was too dry but touching it, I didn’t feel any cackling sound which usually comes with extra dry afro hair.

I figured maybe I was just being baised and asked Gorgeousness for his opinion and he said it wasn’t dry! So I’m definitely on the right path.

I was totally shocked that I cut my hair so low being that I love crochet braids but it is the best hair decision I have ever made.

Das Bild above is from last week I think. Flat twisting has become my go to style for bed with a scarf which mostly gets lost between the sheets!

I did try to make crochet a few days ago but my corn row base was a mad house. Because my hair is short, I decided to add in extensions for extra hold. Needless to say, it was the worst idea ever.

Ever since I started getting my hair done myself, it was the first time I was using extensions for corn rows and I absolutely hated it.

Yes, I took it all down and thinking about the hard work I put into getting the hair done I was so sad. But taking off the corn rows I quickly felt good and happy. My scalp knew peace endlich.

So no crochet until next year or maybe December depending on the length of my hair. I’m pretty confident now in its growth and that’s saying something because I do not have a good growth rate.

Anyways, I got a new addition…sort of….to the challenge. My regular conditioner wasn’t available so I picked up this one.

With the fresh effect formula (what does that even mean), from a combination of lime extract and aloe vera to give your dry roots an intensive cleaning, I thought it wasn’t bad at all.

Water is the first listed ingredient and it has no silicon. It has a light lime Duft and is oh so soothing. Can you tell I’m a huge fan already?

Costing just 55c at 300ml what more can a cheapskate ask for hmm?

The oils are still the same old bottles from Mai and it feels like I will be using them for a long while. I’m not a product junkie plus I don’t use a lot. So knowing that the oils last a good while, I’m totally psyched.

The other products I have replaced once but as my hair gets longer and fuller I would replace more frequently. I noticed from two days back deep conditionin treatment that I used a lot more than I used to when hair was shorter and not so full.

The fullness is new too. I noticed this yesterday after weaving down my hair for the night.

I hope this does work and is not just a flux because it is bloody amazing how easy caring for my hair has been.

Sure these products are for European hair and they never make products for African hair in places like Germany. You will not confidently walk into Douglas, DM oder Rossmann and leave with an afro hair product. True story.

But I got tired of squandering cash on those American products sold for an arm and a leg in the afro Geschäfte or hoping someone going to the UK or US would be so kind as to get them for me. These things take up luggage space and no one will do that so willingly for you. My twin did offer to get all I need to knock myself out but why would I use up the space for other things. They will finish and then I get stuck again?

No! That space will be put to use for all those American doughnuts, cookies, creams, Swiss miss, those candy bars only found in the US of A and everything that I would choose over Shea moisture! Before you go wondering why I would ask for donuts, you should know that America makes the best donuts and no it’s not the same with German dunkin donuts!


I love the idea of spending just 10€ on everything I need for my hair care practice instead of 20€ on one jar of deep conditioner from Shea Moisture. Or 5€ for an African Pride brand.

I’m a proud cheapskate and believe that if things get tough I can adjust.

One time, Gorgeousness and I were talking about babies and diapers and he was surprised that I entertained the idea of using cloth diapers. Disposable diapers were actually created for a quick fix right?

When you are out and cannot be bothered with the drama of a cloth diaper you whip out your disposable. Them diapers are expensive mbok. I won’t come and go and be tossing cash into the garbage every hour.

So if we can find stores that still sell them, then why the hell not?

So, Mai und Juni waren total gut in regards to mein haarpflege. Let’s hope July and the coming months will be incredible!

Enjoy the weekend Leute, be kind, stay nice!

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