Magically Made, Real As It Gets

When I used to geek out on Grey’s anatomy, I totally loved Jesse Williams as Dr Avery and I thought it cute how much of a silly sausage he was while in love!

Anyways, I didn’t watch the BET Awards show so I was one of the gazillion people who heard about his speech later on. The speech that made him an over night sensation.

Words are powerful as we know, so when famous people use their popularity to stand up for what they and a lot of other people believe in, it’s always a step towards the growth of humanity.

I know there are a lot of people, black people who try so hard to call out the injustice of the black race in America. Young men and women being killed while in police custody, while driving, walking down the streets, black men getting 41 years jail term while the white boys get five months on the same crime with even more evidence. But the truth is famous people are like Lautsprechern and people listen to them more than they would us regular folks.

It is sad because it certainly looks like a good conspiracy theory but God forbid anyone calls it out right?

I loved his speech and he gained my respect a lot more than Beyonce who makes money from hers. Or does it for the fame…which she already has.

After watching the YouTube version of The View where Miss Whoopi Goldberg gave her opinion about cultural appropriation, basically shutting the topic down, I couldn’t help but wonder why a majority of the black community hated her for it.

I mean sure I was mighty upset when Zendaya was bullied by the Enews lady for a hairstyle she chose to wear for a red carpet event and praised the Armenian socialite for the same goddamn style. That is what annoys me about the whole appropriation thing.

A black person does something that comes natural and they get kicked under the bus but another who isn’t black gets praised for it. This makes no sense to me at all.

Or when a black woman has on extensions and black men curse them while comparing them to Caucasian women who stay natural. News Flash Ass wipes : every race wears hair extensions. Have you been to Afro Hair stores? The number of women (half of them Caucasians ) who go in there for hair extensions is off the charts!

And she was right, his speech wasn’t about cultural appropriation, it was about equality and the fact that some people didn’t get that meant his speech didn’t make that much of an impact to a lot of people.

I mean if we are to talk about black versus white community, lemme just dig into first Beyonce for making a speech about how top designers didn’t think her and the rest of her girl band worthy enough to wear their brands when they were a small town girl group and now she shamelessly struts the streets in those labels. Or naomi, iman and tyra who created businesses based on their modeling career but have done nothing to encourage equal diversity on the runway.

Or black owned businesses who are selling out to corporations. Cough…

It took Mrs K West having a baby to fully understand the pain of racism. Why? Shouldn’t you as a person feel the hurt without relating that close to home?

Enough already!

Herr Williams has my vote hands down and so does Frau Goldberg. Has she been known to backstab her race on certain delicate topics? Maybe, I do not know. But I certainly stand beside her on that weave speech man. Ja sie hat das richtig gesagt auf jeden Fall! ??

The inequality is getting out of hand and the biased statistics is also becoming rather disturbing.

A country that was built on the bare hands of slaves and immigrants, I don’t see how things could have gotten so messed up. It’s like history is repeating itself in the most ugly form possible and nobody wants to say nothing for fear of being hated on or words being misconstrued as is the case on social media.

Jesse Williams isn’t the most popular star in Hollywood. Infact, a lot of people didn’t know exactly who he was and Google was on fire that week of his speech. Regardless of the status of his fame, he stood up there and made the most powerful speech of his time.

Inequality is deadly and needs to end. Being cute blonde and blue eyed gives you no right to come on national television and open your daft mouth to talk about a topic in which you have never been a part of. Thinking you look and sound smart when the truth is that in all that cuteness, the ugly fact is that you are about as ignorant as a Kakerlake on its way to being swatted.

It is time for the world to stop pretending. Is this the only problem the world should worry about? Certainly not.

But I see this like a chain reaction. Like something really bad is about to go down as a result of the bad things happening.

Are there guilty people in all of this? Yes of course. Some people are just as stubborn as they are ignorant and live to terrorise the popo and the public but that doesn’t mean they should be killed publicly. That doesn’t mean one black nuisance equals all black people.

The stats claim that black people are arrested more than any other race when the truth is that black people are stopped and checked more often than the other races. How is that right?

Two people commit the same crime but one gets more jail time because of the color of his skin and the biased minds of the jury. A legal system I still don’t understand. Like Gorgeousness says, the idea of jurors isn’t bad but the dangerous thing is how easy people can be manipulated.

Black mums are teaching their kids how to handle the police because apparently from the case of Sandra Bland, you don’t even need to be carrying drugs or be a nuisance. Your skin color is enough to get you stopped.

As a black person in America you have to work extra hard to get whatever you want while your Caucasian neighbours don’t need to. Now i am not saying white folks dont have it bad too in terms of hard work but thats not the point of this post abi?

Sometimes even hard work does nothing.

The recent rise of racism in the UK following the Brexit is proof that being different is something the world is still trying to deal with. Black, Asian, eastern European, Arabic usw.

How does it end? Not in a day of course not. But people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and all others of that time, they stood up for equality in their own way and they were heard.

Jesse Williams is doing the exact same thing and we are listening. We stand with him. We walk beside him. We support him.

For equal opportunities, racism needs to end.

It doesn’t start with the government or Stadt. It begins with us and our willingness to accept that something is wrong with the system regardless of what skin color we have and do whatever we can to make the world aware.

That’s what Jesse Williams did.

He woke the world.

How you receive his message? Well that’s the issue because if you don’t help solve it, then you are it! Someone started a petition calling for hime to be fired from the ABC show and I just couldn’t understand the silliness of that petition.

Here is a young man who stood up in front of the world and called out police brutality on black people, a man who spoke intelligently about the wrongs based on racism and people don’t see the brilliance of his speech?

What is wrong with people?

Are you so wrapped up in your little white world of idiocy that you can’t stop for a second and research the names he mentioned or even leave that stupid channel that has nothing to do with equality and actually read about real happenings.

It’s very sad because these are the people who feed racism by their words and action.

One time a very little child who was probably five saw me in a food store and started pointing and asking her dad what a black person was doing here. I turned to stare at her and she hid behind her father and said something rather derogatory. Her father started apologising to me and I’m like she is just a kid.

But the truth is that if her folks don’t teach her what’s right, she will grow up hating anyone who isn’t the same skin tone as she because her parents were ignorant and assumed not saying anything is a bright idea.

No one is born racist as we all know. A white baby doesn’t come into the world screaming derogatory words. They are taught to hate anyone who is different from them.

A black baby doesn’t come into the world believing that their skin tone would be a barrier in life. The system they grow up in makes that pretty much clear.

When you see a majority of black people being killed or badly manhandled by the very people sworn to protect and serve, you stop to think about how that affects your own life.

It needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

All lives matter yes. But black lives matter ow because the injustice is getting out of hand. If you don’t see the idea behind the movement then I’m not sorry to break it to you, but you are part of the problem.

I heard about a demonstration that was arranged by the Black Lives Matter Organisation where roads were blocked, including roads to hospitals and emergency cases were stalled which resulted in deaths. This I or any normal person don’t agree with.

When senseless deaths occur as a result of a demonstration especially one such as black lives matter, then it completely kills the very idea surrounding the rise of the movement.

So this is why I’m with Mr Jesse W.

Thank you Jesse williams. We are magic but we are real! Booyah!

We are woke.


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