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I read about the case of a woman who was raped while unconscious and caught on tape last week(late to the news I know). And her attacker was only given five months jail term.

And it made me think about the sexual assault that happened on Silvester Nacht in Köln that involved the local women and Flüchtlingen.

Back in Nigeria (and every other country really) the issue of rape is a very sensitive topic and can go both ways. Women are afraid to report rape because of the stigma. They get blamed for being raped and in most cases, the men are never apprehended. And this makes rapists walk free, hounding on victims, getting away with their crimes because more often than not, the victims shed a few tears, grab their torn clothed and go home.

In the UAE (Dubai more appropriately) single women who report rape cases get jail term.

In some other Arabic countries (Saudi Arabia I think) rapists get the death sentence but in a few cases, the women get punished too if it can be proven that they went to the location where rape took place of their own free will.

In Nigeria, a lot of people especially women(true story) blame the victims. Reason being how a woman dresses:

“Ehen now, why dem no go rape am? See the kain cloth she carry put for body. Breasts big like bags of rice, Yansh dey like mansion. Eh na she cause am. Stupid geh!”

It’s heartbreaking to think that rapists are validated like that. Why should my dress sense be faulted for you not keeping your dirty penis in check?

A lot of times(99.9%) rape victims were dressed in ugly jeans, ugly school uniforms, dirty iro and buba usw. So please tell me how that justifies rape. And that still isn’t even justifiable. If I have on short shorts (which I hate and not because girls shouldn’t wear it to prevent rape but because it’s a stupid trend and visible half butts are an ugly), that is no reason for me to get raped.

Up until Donnerstag, the rape laws in Germany were very shady and a lot of people have been set free on rape charges because there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove that they had infact raped the victims.

According to the law, no did not mean no. If a woman yelled no to her rapist, it wasn’t enough to be considered rape. She needed to battle him! She needed to defend herself for the attack to be called rape.

To be creepily honest, I can very well understand the reasoning behind the law because a lot of innocent people have been jailed for wrong accusations (USA case in point).

Still, why would you make a law that would have the tendency to cripple a certain group of people who have truly been raped but because they were not fit enough to fight, their rapist gets a free pass due to the stupid law.

Take the case of Gina-Lisa Lohnfink whose rapists got exonerated despite a video that showed an activity. She was saying “stop it. No”, but according to the story, the video didn’t show enough proof that it was rape. Some say she didn’t want the video released and said video did not confirm her being drugged which was her defense about not being able to defend herself.

The problem? No one believed her. She had a history of sex games and activities so naturally she wasn’t credible. Same thing with the police brutality. A black man gets killed at point blank and his past that involves being a nuisance is dredged up to kind of prove his death. What the bloody hell has one’s past got to do with a recent event. The victim Gina was even charged with false accusation and made to pay a fine.

Up until 1997, it was okay for a man to rape his wife. Why? There wasn’t any laws protecting rape victims in Germany.

Kristina Lunz, a very vocal activist is strongly behind the awareness of rapists going unpunished for their crimes. No should mean no. Punkt.

So, thanks to the out cry of many concerned citizens, mothers, fathers, brothers, politicians usw, a new law has been implemented but will not take effect until the Herbst. At least from late September when every i will be dotted and ts crossed.

The justice minister Heiko Maas had brought up the issue about toughening laws for rapists in Germany a few years ago but that was basically shoved under the table until the Köln event that sparked a wide spread panic and anger among the locals. Plus the case of Gina-Lisa. And with good reason.

Es ist egal was ich angezogen habe. When I say no, I mean no. Do not touch me without my consent. Do not lay your filthy tongue on my skin. Do not whip out your disgusting penis that has enough germs to create it’s own germs any where around me. Do not spew your evil semen anywhere that is not wanted.

No means no and that’s how it should be.

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