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Quick Fixes Of The Coconut Kind

It’s basically half the month gone already…this month seems to be whizzing by like it’s heading for something….something great I hope!

The Isana Month of July is a bit laid back. Since the month began I have washed my hair twice and done deep conditioning twice oder so…maybe three times.

I decided to get my hair done in a protective style for this month. Gorgeous has his birthday coming up soon so I don’t want to have to deal with hair palaver mbok.

Thankfully my hair is long enough to get corn rows installed. The last time I tried to crochet, I used kinky braids to aid the corn rows into staying in place. My hair is quite short regardless of being able to weave down. That was a terrible idea.

This time all I did was add a teensy weensy bit of kinky synthetic to hold down the ends of the corn rows. It’s day four and the extension still holds. I even added in a bit of gold highlights after all, it is summer right??(pic in next possible hair related post).

I decided to get myself another jar of coconut oil as I was out completely.

I usually add a bit of it to my deep conditioner along with the Isana products. But not all the time. However, starting August I will incorporate other simpler products to my routine. So anyways, I would always quickly add a good amount of coconut oil on my hair while doing the LCO when heading out and as good as everyone believes it is, I have to disagree.

So here is the thing….

Coconut oil does not like my hair…or the other way around. Makes no never mind how you see it. The point being using the Co-Co on my hair is something I’m not ever going to do.

At least not for LCO.

The quick way my hair dries out, drives me bonkers. I can basically hear the cackling sound my hair makes a few hours later and at first I kept thinking the Isana was starting to show its true colors on my kinks.

But then l remembered using coconut oil one time last year and it dried out my hair. I complained to a sort of hair know it all and she told me it wasn’t possible. That coconut oil was like the one thing that worked for everyone.

At the time, I did believe her because not once did I see any post where someone talked about coconut oil not working.

However, I just stopped using it even after she told me all the goodness of the holy grail cos I did not like how my hair felt after a few hours of being out. I wasn’t seeing any of that goodness around me so why continue oder?

Fast forward to later on I just started adding it to my deep conditioning mix.

Anyways, today sealed the deal. Coconut oil will only be used for deep Cs.

I have started using it for my skin tho. It does have a strong smell, but that really does evaporate after a while. I love how it keeps my skin from going grey but no way am I stepping out of my flat smelling like I’m about to make some coconut rice mbok.

Next thing I know someone will be standing before me with Gabel und Messer.?????

Zum Glück though coconut oil isn’t hard to find. Almost every supermarket or health store has a few brands. From 3.99 to 8.99 oder so and of course depends on the jar size.

When I first started to use it, Gorgeousness got me a medium bottle from an afro shop which actually lasted a long time.

However, I’m a huge fan of the jars in DM probably cos of how cute they are packed.

Yes I’m very Nigerian and would not spend my cash on anything that hasn’t been kponkiously packed. I like cute packages and will sometimes get stuff just cos it’s cute.

Yeah Gorgeousness is still trying to understand that one too.

Sadly, that very cute jar is almost always sold out. I was left with just the BIO brands and I’m not big on those bio things but I had no choice. I needed a new jar. This summer is very komisch and I have been getting a good amount of grey patches which drives me insane.

So the little jar came home with me and it’s not bad at all. Just not as cute as my regular!

Anyways that’s my quick update for the July series. Those quick fixes of coconut oil magic ain’t doing me any good.

Enjoy the weekend folks….stay safe.

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