I Am Black

For anyone who doesn’t know MIA myself included, she is an English hip hop recording artist who began her singing career in 2002. At least so says Google.

I have not listened to anything she has released nor do I know anything about her. I’m mentioning her because an article I read about her condemning Beyonce and Kendrik Lamar about supporting the Black Lives Matter. Her reasoning being that there are other problems in the world (causes she herself supports) and centering on black lives was wrong.

Well, she got dropped as the headliner from an Afropunk music festival because the organisers found her comments too controversial. Which is completely understandable.

So I got into the comment section and my gob was officially smacked by the blatant und raw racism that was evident there.

As we all know, a lot of people like to just safely hide behind their keyboards and spew hatred online.

The thing about online opinion is that people forget to practice what they preach and just display sad ignorance that does nothing but breed more hatred.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion granted, but why should I hate you for having a different opinion?

It’s amazing that a lot of people are completely against the Black Lives Matter movement and hate the very idea this was created for. Half the people believe it is just a hash tag and used to promote racism.

I was amazed…in a bad way…at the hatred. It went from black lives don’t matter to black women are only good to be knocked up, to “us white ” people should give “them black apes” their own land so they can fuck off.

One comment claimed that BLM started as a result of Michael Brown, a criminal in the making who basically deserved what he got.

Another person said and I quote “blacks need to stop committing crimes and then hollering racism when caught. Obey the law and you won’t get shot up. Fight the cops and you die. It’s not brain surgery to many races except black Americans.”

Some said “black Americans just kill themselves and wait for government handouts.”

The struggle of the Jews was then likened and compared to what is happening. Some saying the Jews took what they were given and did not complain but made good use of the initial handout they were awarded but that black America is crying for justice and equality instead of being grateful for what they got.

Quoting another comment ” the problem is in Detroit, baltimore, name it, any place they govern themselves it is a complete mess. Frankly, most white people would LOVE to give the black people a nice country somewhere to go and live and get the F out”

Another in his long hatred speech said the black race is an objectively failed segment of the species. “We have given enough them affirmative action, welfare, etc and they are not satisfied.”

I was taking my time to reply some of these people but after reading a few by a profile called black lives don’t matter I figured it was pointless.

A lot of people have been so deeply institutionalised into racism and strongly believe that any race outside of theirs is dead. For people like that, it would only take a miracle provided to them by someone of another race to change their minds. Words mean nothing to them.

The majority of online users with strong opinions believe that every black person killed by the police deserved to die.

He was an up and coming criminal so better get rid of him.

He would quite possibly end up raping our white wives so better he dies now

He shouldn’t have a license to carry a gun so he deserves his death

They kill themselves anyways, so what difference does it make if they get gunned down by cops?

They are dark skinned anyways, what does it matter if they die?

We gave them a black president and they are not satisfied?

They don’t want to get immersed into our white society so why not kill them all?

The thing people are quick to forget is that in this world, there are so many causes and people stand up with whichever cause they can relate to.

Because Beyonce supports black inequality movement doesn’t mean she doesn’t recognise that a Mexican in her neighbourhood is being gunned down.

Because black celebrities are standing up against injustice to the black community does not mean that innocent Syrians dying is less important.

If I support the breast cancer movement, that in no way means that I think lung cancer isn’t as important or that fertility isn’t a problem.

I don’t identify with a cause that I can relate to more than another cause because mine is very much more important. Duh!

Mia supports the cause for Syrians and Muslims gives her no right to belittle Kendrik Lamar who supports the BLM movement.

She was an immigrant herself who witnessed a lot of terrible encounters first hand plus her father was also a member of a group people called radical so it stands to reason that the plight of immigrants would be important to her.

I have never gone into the BLM sites or watched any footage where they shun other races which is complete und utter crap.

The idea of a movement is to get people who can relate, who can support you, regardless of who they are.

I do not support violence, public disturbance and destruction of public property but I stand with this BLM movement because I am a black woman with black nephews and nieces and sisters. Sandra Bland could be my sister who I’m waiting for at home.

There was the story of the black dude who broke into an officer’s home, scaring his wife and kids and in the process got himself shot. Do I support the white cop who shot the black burglar? Damn right I do.

As social media freaks, we need to use our fingers to spread love and not hate.

We need to teach our kids to be better than us.

We need to draw a line between an honest opinion and pure hatred.

Shouldn’t we worry about what world we are leaving behind for our kids?

If we keep spreading hate and displaying our ignorance in real life and on social platforms, how are we going to leave this world thinking our kids are safe?


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