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The Secret Lives Of Idiots

It has been a seriously trying month for the German residents and it’s particularly interesting with everything that is going on in the USA and the Brexit campaign, the constant killings in France as well. Let’s not even get carried away and not mention the Nigerian government.

It feels like every major country in the world is facing a really bad situation and the sad part now is everyone is waiting to hear some sort of bad news every day.

As a true advocate for integration, I get mighty pissed when refugees have to get away with certain wrong doings. The scum who molests a child and gets exonerated. The men who assaulted women on Silvester Nacht in Köln where no good arrests were made so of course the case has died down. The ones who wield guns and big ass knives, killing public transport users and a pregnant woman. Or the second generation refugee who goes on a revenge rampage trying to get justice for himself on the people who bullied him while in school.

Because of the consequences of retaliation, people who get bullied end up enduring years of pain while their bullies graduate and forget their names.

Now parents have to tutor their kids on the best ways to handle bullies because the system is supporting bullies.

This is what will continue to happen if the government does not create an atmosphere where it is discouraged. Victims will grow up in mental institutions and nothing will keep their minds at rest until they retaliate in the most deadly force.

They say we are the products of our environment. Is this really true?

A look into secret lives of bullies most often shows them as the victims. The fact that they are kids doesn’t make it ok for them to go to school and look for a weaker student to pick on.

If the government will not clamp down hard on bullies, parents need to start taking responsibilities for their bully Kinder.

We as human beings need to start taking responsibilities for our idiotic actions.

How the bloody hell can you get into an argument and because it isn’t going your way, you decide to grab the nearest big ass meat knife and hack off her flesh, killing her and her unborn baby.

When you don’t respect humanity, it just shows the sadness of your dark heart.

In the USA, it still baffles me how someone like Trump can get this far to be a candidate for the presidency. Sure yes he is a great business man who made good profits from the money his father left him. But can someone like this rule a great nation? Someone who spews hate speeches, someone who would use your personal business against you in public. Someone who encourages hate and racism. Someone who has no respect for women.

Some one who good lawd supports rapists and hands down no excuse evil people is who the American fuckers are voting for?

It is sad really because when you read opinions of online users, you realize how much hate people have to throw around.

It’s like Ms Simmons says, $1.3 trillion or so comes out of the black community. So why don’t people try boycotting businesses that don’t support their cause? It’s an effective method that is sure to cripple these asswipes.

People need to understand that life is truly a vicious cycle. What goes around definitely comes around. It’s just a matter of when, where and how.

I’m tired of all the hate and crazy stuff happening and I wonder when it will all end, how it will all end.

The sad part of it all is we aren’t even thinking about what legacy we are going to leave behind for our next generation.

Anyone who cries of oppression is labeled a terrorist, anyone who stands up for what they believe is called a terrorist. People are fabricating stories online to discredit the black lives matter movement because the truth is hard to swallow.

A nation whose history is basically based on immigration is voting to toss out the very people that make the country great. The very existence of the white house is because of slaves who were a lot cheaper than hiring Europeans.

When a man who has obeyed the police still gets shot for no reason and people are feigning blindness to apparent injustice just proves that the black hearts of human beings needs a whole lot of colorization.

is Hilary Clinton any better? She is apparently a liar (who isn’t) and could quite possibly be a wrong choice but she is the lesser evil and really, there isn’t any politician who is honest! Politics sadly isn’t for honest people. Bernie Sanders proved that theory when he didn’t make it. So come that day, I am voting for her.

Not because she is a woman and gives us girl power as the leader of a great nation(side eyes). But because she isn’t Trump who doesn’t deserve my vote because he stands for everything I do not support.

I do hope that the German government is working towards curbing the idiocy and foolishness that has been happening and handling the refugee situation that is breaking the people apart. In your bid to do the right thing, don’t put innocent people at risk.

This isn’t saying that Germany doesn’t have local perpetrators. Of course there are, duh!!! My point is being a refugee should not exempt you from doing your time for a crime you committed.

The story that aired on BBC a few days ago about a man who is permitted to have sex with children as a right of passage was so disturbing that I could barely sleep. Today news breaks out that the president of that nation has issued a warrant for the idiot’s arrest. A man who knows he is hiv positive and still rapes children should be locked up in a dark dungeon. The parents who sacrifice their kids for this disgusting tradition need to be in mental institutions.

Thankfully, the rape laws in Germany have changed to deal with the extent of exoneration, leaving victims hurt and depressed. So that’s a huge step.

If you commit an offence, you need to get your ass punished accordingly. Don’t think that being a helpless Flüchtlinge or by the idiocy of the former German rape laws will keep you safe from the punishment you deserve.

I hope and pray things calm down sooner and people can start getting out of their flats without wondering if this is the day a disappointed refugee would blow up a train or school or event in response to being denied stay. People can comfortably have arguments with other races without wondering if the other person would wield an axe in response to being a sore loser.

I’m all for peace and harmony(who isn’t? Well, a whole lot of creeps).


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