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August: Die Rossmann Serie

Three crazy days of rain and I was ready to pop a muscle!

Thankfully the sun made a great appearance today so a little trip into the city was happily made which the reason for this will be in my Sunday evening post!

Making a quick draft for series was a bit laid back and done with so much laziness as I basically had my hair in crochet braids since the second week of July. Yesterday I took it down after my sister tormented me with photos of her newly cut hair. She decided to end her relaxer days and had been transitioning for three or so months now.


Anyways I started to miss my hair plus the sew in was getting old and I also wanted to look my best going into the city today.

I didn’t really stick with my Isana routine because you know…extensions. so I cannot in all fairness give an end result for July.

However, for August, I will try to go back into my regular routine for maybe three weeks and then get in extensions again. I placed an order for hair from aliexpress and I’m patiently awaiting its arrival.

I also have been considering sticking with clip ins for a while especially as it looks as if summer won’t last long. Time to start planning Herbst and winter hair routine right?


So while I didn’t add any new Isana product to the family, I got gifted this cute bottle of Jamaican black castor oil which I plan to add to my care routine.


When my hair was long, it had no volume and my afro never gave me life of any kind. So castor oil is said to help add volume abi? Let’s see how that goes for August.


I have heard a great deal about castor oil especially the one from Jamaica. I did try the regular kind once two years ago and it wasn’t bad at all.


I know I did say I wasn’t going to include any other product for this one year of trying out Isana but the truth is a little boost hasn’t hurt anyone…yet.


Cutting my hair was the best impulsive thing I ever did. Coming up with trying out local products was also a great idea too because the truth is products made for black hair have become so expensive and for what? Why should I have to spend 20€ on a single jar of anything ? Certainly, I love my hair but it’s not going to grow a hole in my wallet. If a 3€ tub of leave in conditioner can last me over six weeks, why should I spend 20 on one jar?

What happens after one year of this challenge? I did say I would try products from DM but I cannot say for certain any more. I may change my mind come December or even September but that’s no biggie for now oder?


These products being local are readily available which is the whole point of trying them out. I’m still in love with all of them but the leave in and oils are my ultimate favourites. The deep conditioner is great too and I have begun adding other stuff in with it like olive and coconut oil.


The beauty of black hair aside from the fact that it grows on melanated greatness and using the ultimate words of mighty Thor, is that my hair is eternally perfect!

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