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The Dress Factor

As a teenager and young adult, I hated dresses and never understood why anyone saw it fit to put one on.


Hell, I even tried on a switch dress code with my twin while in university. She dressed up like me and I put on one of her dresses(would be cool if I could find that photo…except it burned together with my apartment).


But anyways I did finally get to love dresses especially when I figured out they looked good with boots!


So yeah short story: I love dresses and cannot imagine life without these cuties. Especially dresses made with African fabrics aka wax print aka Ankara.IMG_20160815_200954

Now, the dress featuring in this post is an absolute favorite of mine. It was a twin gift from the sister. She had it made in Nigeria, portharcourt to be exact.


The funny tale about this dress is that my sister had something else in mind but as is normal with the young seamstress she patronises, the girl messed up the design.


Luckily, it still turned out good. The only sad thing about the dress is that wearing it with a jacket is a bit annoying because of the bulky arms. I mean sure a winter jacket is no biggy but imagine wearing a cardi or a leather jacket, real or otherwise. Yeah not cool, not cool at all.


Ankara fabric is basically made from 100% cotton…at least most of them are. The prints are so vibrant and the mix of print and colors just makes you stand out no matter how invincible you want to be. Important note: never wear wax if you cannot handle the stares. Just like a huge afro right? Ankara and an afro? Major fame!


I’ve got about three more Ankara outfits in my wardrobe but this is my favorite probably cos it is a dress that can be worn in various ways. I once paired it with a black turtle neck top during the winter. And I thought it looked pretty cool. Will mos def do it again! I also once paired it with a dark red chunky sweater and a belt(yeah I obv love wearing it with a belt!) I think the belt sort of gives it a more dressy casual look.


For last spring, the picture above was used in an old collab post with Ola and that shoot produced so many great photos I still to this day gush over.


I have had a ton of people ask me questions about this dress and who can blame them? It’s such a simple yet beautiful design. Move over Kenzo for H&M, the new sheriff for bold and mixed print has been ruling the fabric universe for decades now!


So another annoying thing I discovered about the dress was the way she sewed the neckline, made it almost choke like. My neck and the neckline of the dress were always at loggerheads with each other and it made wearing the dress a nuisance especially when the cute red button popped out.


I one day decided to try reversing the back for the front and voilà! It worked.


I’m thinking to sort of pimp up the new neckline by sewing down the flaps or cutting them off completely for a very low neckline look.


Still working on the idea but for now I will just enjoy the different styling options the dress gives.


My sister by the way is like a queen bee for the Ankara dress/skirt mind! She blows me away every time when she comes up with a new idea for a dress design using Ankara fabrics and they always win…. always!


She should definitely get a career in designing!!! I could gush on about all her own designs but let’s leave that for another vibrant post shall we?


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