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September: Die Rossmann Serie

I have no idea why the sommer is so late with giving us some slaying sun, but I´m not complaining at all and some heat is better than nothing.

But I hate exceesive heat…me and a ton of people of course. Getting all dolled up and having to deal with the sticky feeling the heat brings. We have no Klimaanlage at home because first of all, those things are bloody expensive and our Strom would rise up in protest which would cause us to cut off a few unwanted spendings…unwanted spending I very much like thank you!

But the Herbst is slowly approaching and I do look forward to some sweater styling…plus I´m a huge Herbst fan. Winter of cos is my absolute fave Saison but sometimes I just don’t want to have to dress up in heavyily warm coats that burrow my neck and face.IMG_20160903_181241

So for the most part of August, I didn´t do much in reference to my hair care routine with Rossmann products because…protective styles. Which is sadly becoming my lousy excuse. But the truth is I do not live close to a Rossmann store anymore so walking down a few blocks to one isn´t possible anymore. The new place we moved to has no Rossmann in der nähe so this is putting a silly dent on my challenge.

I do still have a bit left from my last purchase so I use those when I can. Right now, my hair is in crochet braiding(shocker!). Once a week, I part the sections and do the regular LCO on there. My edges and entire circumference I do the LCO as long as I shower…which is daily!!!

My first afro clip ins!!
My first afro clip ins!!

I have been considering really long braids but the truth is braids drive me nuts when I get into bed. They worry my neck and give me sleepless vibes. I love my sleep regardless of said sleep not being the beauty kind!! But then I tried making clip ins and boy do I love those!


Since Rossmann is no where near the new place, I decided to try another German product I got from Aldi and there are two different tubs so will be trying the blue tub when this one I have now is leer.


It claims to be a repair and shine intensive hair care product plus it only needs to stay in for a minute. Perfect!!! I do not mind keeping DC for a lengthy period so long as I have nothing better to do. But since getting this new job, I´m home at five pm and that basically means no time to do any hours long hair care routine.


I do however keep it in for more than a minute. Say I need to do a bit of putzen, then I would have it in, clean up and then rinse it out before using my trusted Dudu Osun liquid mix. And before you go thinking I have anything kponkious in my mix, it is just grated dudu osun soap melted in warm water. A lot of people like to add other stuff like honey or oils but then you would need to save the bottle in a fridge and mbok, that is serious utom for my kind!

Now it states to be used on freshly washed towel dried hair but me? I like to do my deep conditioning before I shamwash and this method has been working for me since I started it. It is a creamy mixture( think mayonnaise but very slighty lighter). Doesn´t smell like much really, just regular conditioner smell. It does claim to have kernel oil( what kernel I have no idea) but I still always mix a bit of my own organic( always wanted to say that but please don´t mind me. I just mean pure)palm kernel oil made in Nigeria!


Why do I add this into my hair? Well one day I needed to get my DC done and had nothing to use so I spotted it in my thorough schrank search, used it and have loved it since! Sadly I am not regular with it. I try to use it sparingly cos I have not seen it sold here. Like DURU would say: Let´s not come and go and finish it quick quick!


I still have half a jar left and plan to add a bit to my body lotion as well.(Something I did last year and the result on my skin was flawless!)


Anyways check Peju´s blog for the benefits of this oil. Plus I think she sells it so if you are in Nigeria, get in touch (the price I am not certain about).


So ja, I loved how my hair felt after using the Aldi product and I will not be loyal to just Rossmann products from now on. I will be mixing every possible product I can get my hands on. I´m just barely six months into the plan but I can say without a doubt that using certain local products that do not require breaking the bank is very possible. I mean come on, the Rossmann oil is still the same one I got when I began this. Sure I am not a product abuser, which means I use as little as possible. So long as every part of my hair gets touched, I do not need to get saturated!

Regular hair products made with the afro in mind are so expensive here in Deutschland and like I said früher, I do not plan to be asking people to get me hair products on their travels cos it gets annoying for both parties. It annoys me when the people I ask either get me the wrong product or dont even make an effort. And I´m certain it annoys them because of the stress they have to go through looking for the stuff I asked for.

When I do manage to vist the USA or the UK, I do not plan to stock up my koffer with hair products when I would rather have more important things…not that my hair regimen is not important but you get my point oder?


Just three months left into the end of this year and I will try to really stick with the Rossmann products I have left. Which shouldn´t be hard really cos I still have a bit of two different leave in and two bottles of oils. The deep conditioner is what I do not have anymore, hence using that from Aldi and which thankfully was a success first time!


So yeah, that´s all the update for now. The tub can be used at least three maybe even four times before I need to get a new one. I mean my hair is still in the twa stage so four times usage is very possible. I will most def be adding more of the palm kernel oil as well just to give the health a boost.


Oh and just for fun, I decided to start a little home saving type thing where I drop a one or two euro coin into the phone booth money saver. Sort of like an extra Weihnachten holiday spendings or maybe new year? Let´s see how fast it gets full!!

Have a beautiful week euch!!


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