Noch Hier, Schwarz Und So…

Well duh!

Of course I’m going to rant about the newest hashtag that has sprung. The hashtag that has become a norm for the people of the USA. The hashtag that now explains a human being ‘s whole existence.

It’s sad really and not just because dark skinned Americans keeps dying regelmäßig, but also because people are choosing to not understand the pain, the anger and the apparent discrimination because you know, racism.

The world is crazy we know that already but the truth is it gets even more verrückt as the years go by and the only way we can ever connect is to stop being afraid of what we don’t understand. We don’t have to agree with each other but learn to respect opinions expressed in respectful manners. Which is the problem really. People tend to express their opinions in annoying ways that can upset even the most peaceful person.

When Colin Kaepernick started his protest, the country went berserk and everyone who wanted to stay relevant had a foolish opinion on the so called disrespectful manner in which he protested.

No one was bothered about the reason behind his protest and that right there is exactly the problem. Some idiots even had the nerve to say black people should protest like Martin Luther King Jr did…peaceful. which is ironic because at the time Mr King protested, his protests were seen as radical. So the truth is no matter what you do, there isn’t any “peaceful” way to demonstrate the government sanctioned racism that is tearing the great nation apart.

If you are not black, you don’t care about the sufferings of the black community but you don’t want to switch places with them which that in itself means you do know that there is something terribly wrong with the country and its treatment of black America.

Comments like get out, go back to where you came from in Africa, stop killing yourselves blah blah bloody blah are the very intelligent words you hear from people who aren’t even true Americans( that doesn’t even mean anything in case you are wondering)

Their fake ignorance makes them assume that being Caucasian means you are purely American and not to be sarcastic but ermmm really???!!!

Ever since Mr Trump felt it necessary to verbally abuse people during his campaign, the audacity of close minded uneducated folks has gone up more than just a notch. And this is why going out to vote will make a huge difference. Sure between him and Mrs Clinton is like being between the devil and the red sea was it? Which it basically is because she isn’t a trusted candidate either but holy cow is she the lesser evil…plus she’s a girl and won’t that just bite the butt crack of men who think women are useless. Go girl power!!!!

For a man to be shot dead by the very person meant to serve and protect him just because he was black is a big problem that needs to be tackled. I’m definitely with Colin Kaepernick because it’s sickening to see that even though you obey all police commands, you still get shot.

So now dwb(driving while black) is no longer the only acronym. Jbb(just being black) is the new American offence?

We like to kid ourselves by saying it’s not our problem and just shut our eyes to wrong doings. Well Mr King said it…not helping makes you just as bad.

I keep saying this and I won’t stop. This is a huge problem that cannot be solved by just black people.

Oh y’all kill yourselves anyway so what’s the big deal…is the most common statement followed by oh he has a wrap sheet longer than my arm…

So bloody what? He isn’t being judged for his past crimes be it yesterday. Today he has car trouble and needs help and you kill him? Because hey shocker “I feared for my life” “he looked like he had a weapon” “he seemed to be reaching for a gun”.

What the hell happened to shoot to disarm and not kill. How are cops in the USA trained these days?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen cases on TV where the police officer was in real danger but that’s not what we are talking about here.

Recently I read the story of a teenager who was shot by the police after he pointed a seriously freaky gun at the officer and it turned out to be a toy gun made to look real.

Now my question is why would a young boy point such a toy at a police officer in a real life situation when cases of people being killed has been all over the news.

Did he deserve to die for his stupidity? Errrm of course not but the asswipes who only have guts online had some seriously disturbing things to say about a young man who was downright foolish to point a real looking gun at a policeman who was chasing him.

As a black mother you have to train your kids to survive not just regular life but this too?

Oh hey mum I’m going to the store two blocks away do you need something?

Oh wait up André. Leave your hoodie behind and wear clothes that have no pockets oh and if you get pulled over by them popo please don’t reach for your phone on the dash board to ring me or Papa.

So what do I do mum?

Son, I have no idea because as you can see, even complying still gets you killed.

Then we can just order stuff online…

That’s now the way of life for black parents, wives, siblings? Then again even being on your sofa can still get you shot and the rest of America is pretending that there is nothing wrong with the system?

They are just part of the problem. They instigate, they look for reasons to validate a black man’s death by an officer of the law. These officers then get paid leave until the court can rule them…guess what…innocent.

Are all cops bad? Well that’s a trick question.

When the good ones aren’t doing anything to stop the bad ones, how are they good? You don’t want to be a snitch so you let your bad cop partner do whatever the bloody hell he likes so long as it isn’t you doing the bad thing. Does that make you a good cop?

You tell me.

I’m done with all the hashtags, I’m done with all the fake ignorance and I am done with the stupidity of a country that has refused to do anything to stop this. How can this battle still be on? I have never been so ashamed to be American. To be associated with a country that prides itself on patriotism yet neglects the very skin tone that made her what she is today. America was built by the black man, America was made great by the black man.

The black man is being abused by America and those bold enough to scream and call it out are being booed by the very people they call neighbors, friends, allies, mates….

Who do you stand with….


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