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Independent Unification!

The unification of Germany is a very long and interesting history, one every German should know. The Nigerian Independence history may not be as long and well detailed as the German unification but it is a history lesson every Nigerian should learn about.

Although the country doesn’t seem to have come very far despite being almost 60 years since 1960, it makes for interesting read, plus educative as well.

Nigeria has been in the news in negative ways, hell I didn’t even know the United States adopted the Nigerian method of containing the Ebola outbreak! As the first country to eliminate Ebola, it makes you wonder what amazing things Nigeria can do if everyone comes together to solve a problem.

But hey, today is not about history lessons or lack of it for that matter. As a multi cultural couple praying and hoping we have a ton of kids one day, it is important for us to be able to celebrate all three heritages effectively. Is that possible? I do not know but we are trying to do just that.


We did think about getting all three flags and mounting them on poles but we do not own a house so that would be tricky. Our balcony isn’t big enough for three flags so we would just go for photo frames of the three flags irgendwo in the flat we live in.


I love pictures on walls and have been waiting for the chance to put up photo frames of close friends and family around the flat. Kik sells really simple but beautiful photo frames and at good prices too so will be stocking up on those soon for our walls.


By some luck, the Nigerian Independence and German unity day are in the same month, just a day apart really so of course we did a sort of combo thing. Sadly the American Independence is too far ahead. Besides, I have not been feeling very patriotic for a while, but that’s another story!


Anyways, I got a day off work for Monday and I was hell bent on eating German! We don’t do that very often and sometimes I feel like that’s a bit unfair to Liebhaber formally known as Gorgeousness because he grew up with traditional German food as his mum is a hell of an amazing cook. and I would freak out if I wasn’t able to eat jollof rice, coconut rice or any favoured Nigerian meal I’m attatched to. Come to think of it, I haven’t had ogbonno soup in ages and I actually do not miss it which is weird cos that was my fave soup growing up.


So we had a Thai food date (traitor much? Asian on first of Oct???)and I had an Ankara outfit set but for some weird reason, my chosen pair of shoes didn’t go with my outfit. Surprisingly, I figured out what shoes to pair the Ankara dress with the next day! Go figure! And apparently, I have no shame matching my outfit to our sofa!!




But yeah I mean we do have German breakfast so that isn’t so bad after all right? Yeah the Mr doesn’t get how anyone would have rice as bfast! Little does he know I may have one day had afang soup for breakfast!


What did we come up with? A simple lunch of fried plantains or as the Germans like to call them, Kochbanane and a spicy sauce of Würstchen and tomatoes!

img_20161003_125721 img_20161003_130033

It actually turned out amazing I must admit. The plantains looked so good in the store and I went crazy picking them up! The onions have become a fave of mine. In Nigeria, we used that a lot growing up and moving here, I realized they are more expensive. But we had a bug infestation once and I needed to have less food open and picked these up as they are packed less than the other. The moment I used it to cook, I knew going back to the regular would be hard. Plus being teuer, it helps me use less onions than I am famous for!


Obviously, the recipe is nothing grand. Just make whatever sauce you like , fry some plantains and serve with chilled drinks…malt maybe?


For a mixed culture couple, race has never been a problem for us. Sure we have had one Turkish asswipe say derogatory words to us which I thought was ironic seeing as he was also foreign in a country where he is a minority but that’s the brain and mind of illiterates and uneducated idiots.

We also get the occassional stares but that has never bothered us or made us question our relationship.

What matters is our feelings for each other, our friendship, our ability to understand each other and how to comfort in times of heartaches and mood swings!

The circumstances of our birth and the color of our skin means nothing to us. I am African, he is German, that’s all. Our kids, when we do eventually bake those buns, will learn to understand that skin color is irrelevant. What is underneath?

Now that’s a whole different story.

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