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The Sessibon Monki Steps

First of all, lemme just say this…I never win anything. If you know how many times I have applied to win a beauty box from Rossmann and gotten the sad responses!

So when I read about the Koeln fashion week giving away free tickets I decided to try my luck. The next day I got a mail saying I won two tickets to the monki fashion show.


Turns out it was nothing special and I didn’t get no front row seats which by the way had some goody bags I ended up missing out on.

Before we left for the show, Liebhaber formally known as Gorgeousness warned me about it not being a big show if that is what I was hyping about. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to go because I have ever ever been to any sort of fashion show, grand or otherwise.


He was right.



We picked up our freebie ticket at the info center of the Koeln Arcaden which was my first time ever being there and it’s quite a cute place. Expensive but cute. We had a hankering for burgers but the one burger king joint there was malfunctioned and was only serving drinks. After roaming round in search of cheapskate meals, we ended up having a taste of Vietnamese food which I have to say is no different from Chinese. I was expecting something more than just flour dipped chicken and mango sauces but yeah that’s basically it. Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese….all the same thing.


So anyways I was hoping to get a ticket for the Saturday show because I get so tired after work and have no socializing feeling whatsoever, plus the Saturday show was the finale which was expected to be huge and it was…from the Instagram links I checked out, torturing myself on the epic event I missed! But as a first fashion show event I just had to go for it.

The Cologne fashion week which ended yesterday, started on Tuesday and the program lists the complete event that was organized plus all the stores that collaborated. I first saw the anzeige on a billboard and immediately googled it. Which is how I found out about the freebie tickets by the way!

What we attended with our free tickets was the showcase of the Monki herbst/winter collection. Frankly, the collection was nothing fab. But it was the first monki show in Europe and it happened in my city yay!!

The models were drafted from the Sessibon modeling agency and boy were they feisty!!!

So as I always quickly state, I know nothing about fashion and wouldn’t even recognize it if it hit me on the shoulder. Hell, you should see my style some days… I marvel at it sometimes! Now that said, I didn’t quite feel anything for the collection from Thursday night. One maybe two outfits caught my fashionless eyes but the rest just weren’t me.

The models however unprofessional and uncoordinated they seemed were for me the highlight of the show! I loved how they moved. It was like “oh hell! What are we to do again? Fuck it, let´s go with the bloody flow!” They seemed to be so confident, smiling, releasing strong energy that vibrated throughout the hall, moving to the beats with long strides, jutting hips, septum and funky hair!

It was a thirty minutes runway show and the colors were just so vibrant. The presenters were quite nice too and although there wasn’t a lot of people who attended but it was still fun for me. I feel so silly for not meeting people and taking gorgeous photos because hell yass some ladies I saw rocked their outfits massively… If that is even a term but who cares!

Yesterday was the highlight of the whole fashion week with a young designer fashion show(what does that even mean?) where Jana Ina Zarrella and Wayne Carpendale introduced their collections. Jana is a Brazilian model(duh) and actress who from her portfolio is always busy with something or the other while Wayne who won the first season of Lets Dance which is sort of like Strictly Come Dancing, was also a regular in a TV series called Der Landarzt. He moderates a few shows to date. Have I ever heard of them? Of course not but hey, there is always a first time for stuff oder?!

But yeah, it is yesterday’s show I wanted to attend but instead got tickets for the Thursday show which I still loved. Obwohl ich so muede war but hey, no biggy!

The show had a number of Teilnehmer which included Colloseum, Desigual, Hunkemoller, New Yorker, Vero Moda etc. Mostly European brands really.

I have never actually been inside a monki store and for the life of me, I am not certain why I didn’t go in to check it out as per the show and all but yeah I mean I just read online that the label is part of the h&m group so that should count for something as a major h&m lover myself.

I do hope more high/main street/retail stores would get into the habit of showing new collections in koeln tho. Personally, I think the city is highly underestimated as per fashion and although I have met a few foreigners who say the locals are not fashionable and yes I may have agreed with them but recently I have seen some amazing fashion especially with the gay crowd and the over 30s.

So I hadn’t really decided on what to wear…being so unfashionable and all but since it was quite cold and I didn’t want to take a jacket, I figured this thick pullover I got on bargain from H&M should work with the flared skirt from New Yorker and my over the knee boots from…yup, H&M which was discounted as well from 49,99 to 20,00!!

I should probably start taking photos of the chic and fab people I sight, but yeah that’s not going to happen…not yet anyways. I am basically still trying to figure out my own style, how to take great photos and be a better blogger so until I can actually feel that I am doing exactly that, well you never know!

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