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If You Build It They Will Come

A few days ago, I read a few comments from an instagram photo by Nigerian users which really disappointed me.

What photo you ask? Well, the very amazing Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie was interviewed by a Dutch paper where she talked about the pop singer Beyonce using her words as part of the lyrics to her song. According to Ms Adichie, she felt a certain type of resentment towards the fact that people kept on talking about how ungrateul she was for not being thankful.

So what upset me was the Nigerian public. Now, everyone knows that the world is full of beyhivers who would trash you, stomp on you, beat you up with words for making a bad comment about Mrs Carter or even looking at her or a photo of her(which is mostly the case as these beyhivers have never sat down to lunch with her) in a nasty way!

Chimamanda is a Nigerian woman who has built a legacy for herself with her talent and her Nigerian girl magic. She paved the way for young writers in Africa to be recognized for their strength with words on paper, glorious minds and incredible story telling.

Everyone knows that in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, women are treated as lesser beings, as people who have nothing better to do than to find a man, serve his sexual and procreation needs, not forgetting his hunger needs too. Women have been subjected to slavery mentality so much so that a lot of African women grow up assuming that role freely and passing it on to their daughters…so sad.

This young woman gives great speeches that touches the heart of everyone who listens to her speak. She uses culture and history to create tales that captivates her readers, making people want to learn more about her culture.

So for Nigerians to wake up and cry about her being ungrateful to the also amazing pop star who in her own way uses her music to bring more awareness to the problems of the black community(even though I have always believed she does that so long as it would help her career) was a very disappointing moment for me.

Chimamanda doesn’t need the help of Beyonce to garner more fame. So why exactly should she be grateful to Beyonce?

When a twitter user dissed Solange by saying she is only famous because of Beyonce, the black community socially murdered him for saying that. Solange is an artist in her own right, whose music carries so much more weight. She doesn’t have the sort of blind following Beyonce has does not make her less of a star. But Nigerians, as totally unloyal as we are, criticized Chimamanda for her words which was sadly very misconstrued.

The truth is that Beyonce isn’t famous for her music. She is famous because of who she is and what she looks like. Let’s face it, if Beyonce looked anything like me, she would not be so famous. Hell, some of her followers don’t even know she is a black woman which in tuth is really sad.

Now some of these people complaining about Adichie’s ungrateful character would probably be angry if someone, anyone did not recognize them for whatever work they are trying to build up from scratch. So it is pretty simple, don’t dish it if you cannot take it.

We complain every day about how insane Trump followers are, refusing to see him for the monster he is, and excusing every atrocity he commits is the same thing with the beyhivers. Now before any member reading this gets it twisted, I am not calling Mrs Carter a monster. It’s her beyhive clan that are the actual monsters. Ehrlich!

I make it a rule never to follow any famous person on instagram because the truth is I really do not care what they are up to. Chiwetel Ejiofor? Sign me up for that brown sugar. Idris Elba? Heilige Kuh! That is the sexiest man alive but follow them on social media? Why? Their shopping spree or secret shenanigans are none of my concern really. So long as they are not breaking any laws.

I used to think that social media was the problem. But after reading this post by Ola, I rethunk(is that a word?!) my views on social media. The fun has been taken out of being online these because people now threaten you for voicing your opinion or standing in solidarity with a minority group. Everyone wants to boycott any firm who thinks black lives matter, the internet world is in chaos because the Joli Pitt union has finally come to a sad end and children all around West Africa are being used as slave workers to bring chocolate to the west but hey no one cares.

Let us boycott Ben and Jerrys for saying black lives matter but we don’t care how our chocolates are made, just keep ’em coming.

Presidents and presidential candidates are openly telling the world that women are about as important as the speck of dust on our tv stand and all we can do is twist the skin around our noses in scoffs and shake our heads in disbelieve. But how dare this strong black Nigerian woman be ungrateful to this other strong black American woman?

Shocker oder?

Nein, denke ich auch nicht.

When Beyonce released the song about the cheating husband, her fans went crazy, calling for the head of Mr Carter, asking how dare he cheat on this beautiful queen. Some went as far as suggesting to women to stop getting their knickers in a twist when their own men cheat on them when they are not even half as beautiful as Mrs Carter. And yet she wins an award and dedicates it to her loving husband! Go figure.

People, stop with the blind worship, Do better with your lives. Hell go buy the I am judging you book by awesome Luvvie Ajayi and get with the program.

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