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The Kleine Rantings Of The Binging Nacht!

So, the EU decided to pay off Turkey and a fistful of African countries to build tighter borders and receive immigrants back if sent back.

In my opinion that is completely idiotic.

The EU is having trouble controlling the heavy influx of refugees and their great plan is to dish out billions of euros to certain countries ? Are you gaming me?

Turkey is under a dictatorship. Nigeria is extremely corrupt which means if the borders are truly heavily guarded, there will always be that one guard who can be bought.

It’s simple really and that’s the gawdawful truth.

The actual refugees who truly need help are the ones who cannot even make the trip because they cannot afford it.

A few months back, a story broke in the local papers about a group of refugees who were given jobs and never returned after day two, saying that they are visitors of Angela Merkel and don’t need to work. Are you gaming me?

Some of us are looking for whatever jobs we can get and other people don’t care to work…wow. Gobsmacked I tell you, gobsmacked!

People pay exorbitant amount of money to cross borders, get on boats to cross dangerous waters plus whatever other weird methods people dredge up to find greener pastures and expect to be treated as diplomats?

Taxes are being paid to secure the future of a nation but sure of course help when needed, but not for anything as idiotic as this deal?!?!

You cannot pay countries to put a leash on their citizens(disrespectful way of explaining this but sadly the truth) because they just can’t.

Sometimes it feels like Germany is trying to make up for all the atrocious things Herr Hitler made possible but you cannot make life unbearable for your citizens because you don’t have the horse balls to say No.

The EU needs to come up with a better plan to help refugees, one that actually stands a chance of working.

People are homeless, hungry, kids are dying in war torn countries and they need help. Build a plan that actually works.

Create a system to handle the influx and have big girl talks about the best way to deal with the situation.

You can’t go paying off certain countries to help you make your problem go away.

Is this why President Buhari was in Germany? To shamelessly take money from the EU states for border controls? Seriously? It better not be cos I’m still reeling from his very stupid comment about his wife who had no business saying the things she said about him.

A few weeks back she( Nigerian first lady)had made a statement about not voting for her husband’s second term campaign if the country’s situation didn’t improve and then he basically said she’s only good for cooking, cleaning and sex.

It’s Friday night, I’m binging on the star gate series, munching on home made pizza while being mad about the possibility of serious foolishness taking place on top of my taxes. But what the bloody hell can I do but scream oder?

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