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Official Stupidity Of The American Kind

Welcome to the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. No wait…that’s not right…at least, not anymore.

Hearing the results while at work broke my heart and watching him on TV made me very angry.

The belief that Americans are actually stupid is still hitting home slowly. I got home, showered, had dinner and dove right into Luvvie Ajayi‘s thoughts on the bloody results. She is the best blogger to ever exist and I seriously love her to bits. Her posts are well written, she touches the very best part of her reader’s soul and makes you want to get up, go out and take over the world!

But hell, this isn’t about my Luvvie fan craze. We are here today because of the foolishness of the American people and how they succeeded in electing a terrorist as POTUS.

Listen, Hillary Clinton wasn’t a great choice. Bernie Sanders was but hey, Bernie Sanders well, good ol’ Sanders didn’t make it very far cos apparently, a good man cannot be a politician!

But compared to Donald, she was an amazing choice and that is the easy truth. She told lies, she made political choices that cost soldiers their lives, she has a questionable character and isn’t well liked but let’s compare that to Trump.

Trump is a bigot, he is a rapist, he has no political experience, he has a questionable character, he exercises his stupidity on twitter, he has no respect for anyone and is the biggest liar of all. He points fingers but claims innocence when fingers get pointed at him. The man who had so much faith in his following and said he could easily shoot a random person on the streets and his followers would keep growing. His main game as President would be to axe down everything that Obama’s administration created.

All he ever does is criticize everyone else so maybe we should look at his win from a different perspective and see what amazing things he can bring to the country.

Ok no scratch that, that ain’t ever going to happen.

Now what upset me more was the fact that women actually went out and voted for this creep. Women in America, who had the power to make history happen decided that Trump was the history they wanted to create.

A man who has his clothing made in Mexico has promised to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, to end outsourcing and people actually believe him?

I watched a few clips of Michael Moore’s talks and it gave me a bit of insights into the minds of Trump voters but I still don’t have any feelings whatsoever for them. They are ignorant people who sing the oh I´m a good person song yet cast votes for the one man they know is far from good.

The truth is that Donald Trump isn’t racist…at least I have never thought he was. He just says what people want to hear and it worked. Trump is a capitalist and cares for nothing but making more money for himself. This is a man who may have avoided paying taxes for 18 years and his supporters still love him.

I’m in shock and I still cannot understand why this happened but that’s what the American people chose and they have to live with it.

The choice to vote for the wrong candidate, the choice to assume that your vote wouldn’t make a difference so you stay home, the choice to not even vote at all. Choice is a funny thing abi?

It’s sad really but that is what America has become. An empty space. A place filled with angry people, people who would hear a candidate say the one thing they so badly want to hear and cling to it. A place where people feed on hate and racism takes the front row seat complete with goodie bags and best freaking views! A place where a terrorist racist group can walk around freely in full regalia and no one coughs.

So yes it is official, the American people are very stupid.

It’s like Adam ruins everything says: if you want things to get better, you need to vote. Bad as the political system is, it only gets better when you make the choice to vote.

What would the next four years bring? No one knows but I am sure that hatred is going to be the new slogan for the American people.

God bless America…oh no wait scratch that. God help America.