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Schönheit Verschwörung

It’s that harsh time in the year again and as a black woman, it is important that I keep my skin protected. We don’t want no gray patches because lawd, those are very unsightly!

After I discovered how delicate and prone to keloids my skin was, I began making the effort to take more care of it and while I lived in Nigeria, all I used was Johnson baby oil…until I discovered Pears baby oil which is proudly made in Nigeria and way cheaper!

I stuck with oil for over 15 years and I was mighty proud of how my skin looked. I remember people (even my own mum) would condemn me, saying I was going to get really dark and my response was always : I’m dark already. Any shade darker wasn’t going to be harmful to me.

Truth be told, I was never bothered about my dark skin even as I lived in a society where the fairer maidens were deemed superior!

“You are so black”. “Your skin is too dark”. Why don’t you try bleaching?” “Tattoos would never show on your skin”(I bet they never met 50 cents and the gang!)

Anyways, I was proud of my skin tone and never once did I think that being lighter would make my life easier!

But hey, that’s not the point of today’s post! I’m here to talk about body lotion. Or at least, the ones I saw in the TKMaxx store recently.

During the winter periods, I like to do a bit of mixing because I find that just baby oil doesn’t cut it for my skin. Last winter I would apply baby oil all over my glorious dark skin and then use the Tresór by Lancome and it was amazing. Plus Tresór smelled great. But I find it perfect for spring.

So winter is coming and I sure as hell don’t want to be seeing no grey on me!

I have had this little “box” of Shea butter I got on my last trip to Houston which I began using over two weeks ago. The weather has been a bit like a four year old and always changing its mind in a flash. So out came the Shea.

So, it’s empty and I figured since I’m in the city I may as well pop into TKMaxx and get a body butter with Shea in it.

OK so there I am, tickled pink by all the gorgeous jars and tubs and all nicely packed body lotion. Shea butter, coconut oil, Mango butter, etc. Amazing.

Then I made a choice, turned the tub over to read the ingredients.

Boy was I gobsmacked.



Now the words on the tub talked a bloody lot about the greatness of Shea butter so imagine my shock when I turned it over and Shea butter wasn’t even the tenth ingredient listed!

This makes me wonder how safe it actually is, using store products. Food, drinks, and all that.

I mean it makes you start to think that maybe people who grow their own food, use natural products on their skin and hell, make their own clothes aren’t conspiracy theorists after all right??

It made me really upset because if you are going to lie about something so stupid, then lie properly oder?


I mean I get it is just marketing but come on now. This should be against the law really. It’s unfair to trick people who are spending their hard earned money on beauty products. People such as myself ????.

Jokes aside though, there really should be a body in law enforcement for crap like this.


Anyways, the queue was too long for me so I left and went into my trusted Rossmann for a regular body cream I ended up mixing with my palm kernel oil which I have found to smell really strong. I was never bothered by the smell in the past but I seemed to be using a lot as per skin protection which made the smell too strong for me. so I ended up mixing it with the Isana cream and it is working just fine.


The jar I picked up actually does claim to have a bit of Shea butter in it, but we know that’s a lie. I chose it because I thought it looked cute and naturally made…which of course it isn’t. Plus it was one cent less than 2€.


The reason why I choose to use Isana products is because they are produced in Germany. I am all for the local production of anything not just food. Seeing the “hergestellt in deutschland” makes me feel all fuzzy inside!


I have not done two months I think review on using the Isana hair products and it isn’t because I haven’t been using Isana because I have and I am still gushing over them. Life just happens and you forget a lot of other important things!

Winter, as beautiful as the season is, can be harsh on skin. So proper care needs to be taken because we don’t all want to be looking like the zombie characters in Ash Vs The Evil Dead now do we?


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