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I won’t say I have been less than motivated to keep up with the Isana Hair Produkte series, but the absolute truth is that I keep forgetting to document photos of my hair.

It sure is quite easy to take photos of the particular products I use but the whole point is to see how my hair is thriving while using these products abi?

And that is the gawd awful truth! Prior to April, my hair in its natural state was over six years and basically stagnant which made sense because for five years I did nothing to it.

I joined a hair group on Facebook that helped me build a regimen but five years in all honesty was a long time of nothing so my hair was going through a split personality period.

One fine day in April, hair in two strand twists, I took my hair scissors and cut away!

The first time I returned natural, I did it because my hair looked like crap and did not feel great. The idea was to grow it out a bit then get a perm but then I started receiving negative comments which only made me adamant about keeping it natural.

Long story short, I learned to care for my hair a year after I moved to Germany.

Getting hair products specifically designed for afro hair was a bit of a bother. They were expensive, I had to ride 30 to 50 minutes to get into an afro store just to get them and I felt like I was going through all that trouble for nothing.

Fast forward to April, hair cut off to an extremely teeny weeny afro and I got the idea of trying out German made products. The stores where right down my street and they all said “for all hair types” so I figured why the hell not?!

Isana products are super affordable, accessible and always available so hey I got on that wagon.

Now, some black women I talk to think I’m being silly using products not specially designed for afro hair and they may be right ….who knows oder?

It has been eight months now since I started the Isana regimen and so far, I am liking the results. So, what does my routine include?

Deep Conditioning

img-20161218-wa0021 img-20161218-wa0015 img-20161218-wa0020

The hair group I was a member of made it seem like washing your hair first and then doing a deep conditioning treatment later was the holy rule and that no sane natural haired woman should do otherwise but I’m butt lazy when it comes to my hair so quick fixes have always been my thing. Why make wash day worse than it is? A lot of people have been defying all the written rules of being natural and they still show off gorgeous hair. So out of sheer laziness, I slapped on my deep conditioning mix, let it sit in then went in for a wash plus shower and voila, my method was born. Since cutting my hair, I have maintained that routine of deep condition first then wash. The one difference being that now, I try to wash every two weeks and deep condition every week, so long as my hair is not in a protective style. The Isana products I use for my deep condition treatments get mixed with other random products. I either put in some palm kernel oil and coconut oil as well, Aldi store brands or I just skip all that and use only the Isana products. Depending on how much time I have before the night comes, I either leave the mix in for an hour or two or for the whole day and wash out before bed.





Washing with African black soap is the deal! I mean sure after rinsing out, you sort of get an odd feeling that your hair is dry and feels weird around your fingers and I understand this is as a result of using the Dudu Osun soap which I tend to mix with warm water so a bar lasts me weeks! But this is where leave in conditioner comes in. It brings moisture back into your hair. I towel dry by patting my hair as opposed to roughly rubbing the towel around your head and then I immediately apply my leave in.

Leave In Conditioner

img-20161218-wa0019 img-20161218-wa0018


Smells good by the way!
Smells good by the way!

As earlier stated, this happens after a wash. I find the consistency of the Isana leave in conditioner to be almost perfect. It’s not runny, it’s not thick. Just almost perfect. I’m not much of a product junkie so I tend to not use a lot of products in my hair. I recently picked a spritz kind of leave in from Aldi which I have added to my routine. So far so good!!!

Oil Therapy

img-20161218-wa0008 img-20161218-wa0011

When I first joined the natural hair community, I learned the LOC method and I loved it! Then I read a blog post that blasted the method and she made an awful lot of sense. Oil is supposed to lock in moisture into your skin or hair right? Which means that whatever you apply after your oils, just sits there and doesn’t get into your hair or skin to work its magic. Speaking of skin, I used to apply oil first then my cream mix and then recently (weird I know) I realized my mistake. Anyways, I quickly went from LOC to LCO in a new York minute. The Jamaican oil was a gift! I do find it expensive and I won’t be buying another when this finishes.

Protected Strands


After all that is done, corn rows become bae! Or crochet braids, or kinky braids… get the point right?

So basically, the idea is to have a regimen and stick with it. Your hair would grow, thrive and be the beauty it is meant to be. Makes no never mind what products you use. I have seen the photo of a girl in Nigeria who just applies only ori (shea butter) to her hair and she is gorgeous.

Want to use extremely expensive hair products? That’s your choice. Cheap ass products that do the same thing? Still your choice. The point is to make the time out for your hair. Think of it as your baby or your pet. Something that needs care and nourishing. Seems like a lot of work, which it is. Anyone telling you having natural hair is easy is lying to you. Especially awkward length hair that needs to be braided down for the night if you are the afro rocking gal.

Length Check

screenshot_20161218-100917 screenshot_20161218-164910

I’ve never been big on length checks but the truth is that they help you keep tabs on your hair. Healthy hair grows nicely as far as I’m concerned. Next length Check will be December 2017!

So, yes I absolutely love the Isana products and running my fingers through my hair (Liebhaber’s fave past time ) has become a ritual for me. The fluffy feeling I get when my fingers make contact with my hair. That amazing feeling of knowing that positive results are showing and everything is the way it should be. Becky with the good hair? No such thing as good hair, just good routine is all!

Is it all the work of Isana? I do not know but one thing is certain: Isana has won my heart!


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