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Here Kitt(i) Kitty!!

So as much as we didn’t get any French hens sent our way this third day of Christmas , we did take a ride into the city and boy was it crowded!

Seemed like everyone was fed up of staying in doors for three straight days if you count the evening of Christmas Eve!

Stores are closed in Germany from 2pm on the 24th until the 26th. So it is with good reason that the city was crazy full. We all got tired of being cooped up at home!

Anyways we decided to go on a Thai food lunch date even though Thai wasn’t our first choice for today. A place called Frittenwerk is where I wanted to go as it was recommended by a new friend I made, but the truth was we both were not in the mood for Pommes. We just had pizza the night before so seeing as Kitti Chai was just across Frittenwerk, we ended up there.


Now I am a huge Kitti Chai fan! I am really. Ironically, I was never one for Thai food but after I had a meal there, my food life changed for the better!

Their prices are very affordable and they have a good selection of meals for vegetarians and us meat lovers. I mean come on, it can’t get better than 6 to 8 maybe 9euros dependimg on what you order. Their salads smell so good though! I just have never tried it. But I catch a whiff of it each time I go there.

The great thing about Kitti Chai aside their amazing food, is that it is a place that is both romantic and friendly plus it is a perfect spot for groups.

You can either go on a romantic date with that kinky lover you scored or with your gang! It isn’t exactly baby friendly as I have never noticed a high chair, but it certainly is open to children too. I mean, they probably do have high chairs, I have just never seen one.

The peanut sauce is one of the best there is! We ordered the 25 and the 15 and what I like is the fact that you get to choose what type of meat you want. Chicken, duck or regular beef if you are a meat lover. So if you are not in any mood for meat, there is the choice of going “without” as the Malabites of Unical would say while at a canteen!

Now what I have a problem with is their cocktail. Don’t get me wrong, they have great cocktail. Infact their cocktail is the best I have had so far. They just knock themselves out with crushed ice like ice is going out of fashion and they need to use up all they have!

If you want to get the absolute best out of Kitti Chai cocktails, you are better off buying the jumbo glass!! Sad but so very true. But still a large win in my book because the cocktails taste heavenly, both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic. So the jumbo glass just means you earn more sipping time!

Their customer service is great too and I like that you pay for your order before it comes to you. This basically reduces so much stress both on the Kunden and the staff.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Kitti Chai for a laid back or a romantic date. If you want to arrange a blogger meet up, Kitti Chai is definitely the place to go.

I must apologise for the dark pictures because the lighting inside is not great for photos and I keep forgetting to go out with my flash. Maybe in the summer when you have the option to sit outside, then the natural light from the sun can help create amazing photos! Or I just simply toss my flash into my purse on my way out!

Oh we also checked out the very cute Nescafe shop but hey, that’s a story for tomorrow!!!! Literally!

Merry Christmas y’all !!

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