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The Strumpfhose And The Fame Of Dolce Gusto!

Hey y’all!!!!

It’s the fourth day of Christmas and my fourth random blog post! And we are talking kaffee oder kakao whichever tickles your beautiful fancy!


From our trip into the city comes today’s post! Oh and just for the fun of it, peep my gorgeous panty hose I got from Primark for about 4€!

Ok so I didn’t grow up drinking coffee. It didn’t go beyond water or Erfrischungsgetränke with meals or whenever I got thirsty. I did however enjoy an occasional cup of cold Milo. Toss in large spoons of the powder, mix in water and a few ice cubes. Milk wasn’t necessary of course. Who is down with messing up the perfect Milo taste!?!

When I first met Liebhaber, He would always offer me a cup of coffee and my answer was always no. My answer is still no so he never asks?.

Now the one thing I got into the habit of drinking when I moved here was hot cocoa. I mean let’s face it, Milo isn’t cheap so as I said… Occasional! So imagine having less expensive options in the stores!

I even have my special hot cocoa cup that is not to be messed with!

Now each time we go pass the long shopping street, we would wonder about the Nescafe store and what the hell goes on in there because it didn’t look like the regular coffee shop.

Yesterday we decided to check it out….*cough*….It said free coffee. Who says no to free coffee right?

It was beautiful inside!


You have all these capsule choices and all you do is pick what you would like, slot it into the machine depending on the number of lines shown which indicates water and voilà your cuppa is ready!

Me? I picked the Nesquick with it’s cute yellow shade and sipped on sweet tasting cocoa drink while fanning over the pretty interior of the shop.

How long is the coffee free for? I didn’t ask but it did say for a short while! I still don’t get the hype of coffee drinking and I probably never will. But that’s not the end of the world. I remember my first job working with German co workers and they thought it strange that I didn’t drink coffee.

Coffee drinking isn’t a way of life for me. Even hot cocoa isn’t but hell yes I love it and will sip it when I get the chance!

So anyways, the coffee machines are sold for about 150€ I think she said…Or about that. Which is a fair price because the machines are amazing! Very futuristic and user friendly. The capsules are about the same regular price as the Tassimo so I won’t say they are expensive really. With luck, stores have discounts on the capsules and you can score them for as low as 3,99.

Our Tassimo is still good as new so no plans to get this one! Which is a good thing too because I would probably be drinking kakao every day of my life! Yup, it’s that good.

Merry Christmas people! Anyway plans for new year’s Eve???

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