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A Blogger’s Day Out!

Yesterday was so freaking cold and it was the first really cold day since winter began. For me anyways!

My reason for driving into the city was just to buy hair! The crochet I got done turned out all kinds of silly even though everyone else loved it. Sadly, I didn’t. I wasn’t feeling myself plus I don’t know how girls do it….big hair and winter jackets. I couldn’t handle it and took it off after the drama of Christmas. Crochet as a protective style is definitely for spring and Herbst. No way am I having all that big hair wearing heavy coats and jackets plus blanket scarves!


I first heard of GT World from another natural hair queen and I haven’t gone anywhere else since. They basically have every kind of hair possible and it is quite tempting really because the selection is amazing. And what I love is that they are wallet friendly too.

You want hair for 400€? (Yeah I’m still wondering this myself. That is like a month’s rent!). You can definitely get it. You want hair for 3.99€? Hello!

I ended up with 3 packs of the Marley braid because I want to have my hair braided for the next four weeks (long story! We will definitely get there!). Braids are just so easy to deal with and I love the freedom they give.

A few minutes later, I met up with Alexandra and boy did we have ourselves a good time in Primark. We went in search of garter belts and it was hilarious! She is such a fun person to shop with and we were so tickled pink by the idea of getting all kinky for the men in our lives! They had all these variations and I keep kicking myself mentally for not taking photos when I clearly had my camera hanging from my neck!

After we were done drooling over the price tags in primark, we ended up at the frozen yoghurt stall and boy was I in heaven!

They have all these toppings you can chose from and lawd was I excited! I have certainly found a new high!

The frozen yoghurt place I frequent isn’t bad at all. In fact she has the best I have ever tasted but because of the location of her shop, her prices are a bit hiked and you are required to pay for any extra topping. But over at Smice, all you do is pay for the cup you choose and you can fill up all you want! Talk about going all out!

Regardless of how cold it was, I still had a great time out. We went into stores having huge sales and as much as we grabbed stuff off the rack, we knew that we only had to pay for the things we needed and replace what we didn’t need. Newyorker had knapsacks on sale but truth is I really have no pressing need for a knapsack. Zara had these cute dresses but we let them all go because they could quite possible get further reduced. We are so Nigerian in our method of converting a price tag into naira before feeling the need to whip out cash for payment.

Is that a bad thing? Definitely not. In fact, it helps us to monitor the way we spend money which brings me to one of the things we talked about. Piggy banking!

Alexandra talked about an idea she got from a blogger about saving for a certain number of weeks. I got up one fine day and started tossing in large coins from my wallet into a phone booth bank and talking about the idea with her reminded me that I hadn’t put in anything for a few days. But hey, that’s another post for another gorgeous day! After all, it is 12 days of random posts abi?

So anyways, aside all the quatschen we did together with our window shopping and frozen yoghurt adventure, we did enjoy each other’s company and though it may seem like a clichéd life of women, it is still a beautiful thing. We had a talk about starting something adventurous together but as a mum attending school and a woman with an 8hour job, the big question is can we do all what we want to do?

Nothing works without commitment and sacrifices and I hope we can bring ourselves to do it all! And I say this here because it may help with the boost we both need. I feel like I have neglected a lot of things since I began working and I am hoping that 2017 helps me to reevaluate everything that I pushed aside. There is so much I would like to do in 2017 and I hope I get the chance!

And new year’s Eve plans? Enjoy the evening folks, and merry Christmas!



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