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The Very Dark Girl And Her Not Very Dark Lover!

Happy new year people!

Day 8 of Christmas and 8th post in the 12 days of Christmas theme! I have all these resolutions I want to write down and check off at the end of the year but the one stupid thing about me is the fact that I never get my resolutions done when I write them down.

I discovered a life planner that looks really amazing and I would really love to try out! It sort of helps you keep track of your year plan which is brilliant actually. Probably perfect for a girl like me who gets very forgetful. Hell, I sometimes forget my birthday! So for the record, anyone visiting Germany from Nigeria better get me one of the planners!???

Anyways one of my plans for 2017 is to restrict my time on social media or better yet, only get positivity out of it. 2016 was a fun time for racists trolls and I read a lot of negative comments about interracial relationships that seriously bothered me. Liebhaber kept on telling me to stop reading them but I couldn’t help myself. The hateful words these people felt comfortable expressing were really disconcerting.

I could quite easily blame Donald Trump but the truth is these people have always been there and they only show their true characters online because that’s where they have strength.

It is quite understanding to see Caucasians being racist trolls because the truth is a lot of them are foolish and like to hide behind ignorance especially the ones who live in the US of A. If you check their birth certificates, idiot is probably registered as first name. No lie.

But when a dark skinned person decides to show stupidity, it makes me feel like everything all the dead dark skinned icons fought for was pointless.

Ever since Serena Williams announced her engagement to one of the Co founders of reddit who isn’t dark skinned, the world went ape shit. A popular news website published an offensive opinion on the engagement and her words were not just distasteful but downright insulting. To question a couple’s reason for falling in love mixed race or otherwise is just disgraceful.

After going through all 50 plus comments, my faith was restored in humanity because almost every single person who commented was against her article. Her defence was that this was her opinion.

An opinion is all fine and good but using hateful and disturbing words to express your stupid so called opinion, is a totally different thing entirely.

I keep saying this all the time. There is so much hate already so shouldn’t we be finding ways to make love win? Shouldn’t we be reducing the effect of hate instead of feeding it? Sure people feel better with themselves when they can launch words that are hurtful and hateful enough to make you question your own sanity but for what? To what end?

I am tired of the hate on interracial relationships and families. I really am. A woman who looks like me that decides to fall in love with a man who looks like Liebhaber is no one’s business. Our relationship isn’t hurting anyone really and I mean that so no idiot should claim any sickness with a name that has not been invented yet as being caused by us being together because we know it’s an idiotic notion.

So this is my plan. I’m off idiotic social media pages that do nothing but promote hate and racism. No more reading hate comments from people who do nothing but sit by the computer and bully people because they don’t have the balls to show their stupidity in real life. When they do show that their balls are big enough, turns out their lives are sad and dodgy so they spew hate words to make themselves feel better than everyone else. Sad really but who has that time to feel sorry for them? Really who does?

So we are home, drinking ourselves silly with Baileys, binging on the Chicago PD TV series, computer gaming, listening/watching as people knock themselves out with fireworks and it’s beautiful!

We are in this together. I am dark skinned, he isn’t. He is German, I am Nigerian and American. He is smart I am not so smart. Nothing fashionable about us both so don’t expect to see the chic couples you drool over on instagram! We are old timers who are crazy in love, from different backgrounds and cultures but with us, love wins. Always.

Merry Christmas y’all and a happy new year!


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