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The Piggy Bank Effect

So normal life is back in full swing for a lot of people! The Holiday festivities are over and life just continues.

Which is a great time to start thinking about piggy banking.

When I first met Liebhaber, he had this tin container where he stored coins and it usually came in handy a lot of times. Like when you needed to buy a ticket at the machine and you didn’t have smaller bills. Imagine you slotted in a fifty or twenty euro note to buy a 2.80€ ticket….Yup, your wallet would be brewing coins and that can be very annoying. Or when you ordered pizza and have no money in your wallet to tip the delivery boy. Or when you needed to quickly dash into the nearby kiosk to pick up stuff and they don’t take cards.

So that’s where the coin tin comes in handy!

After we got married, we still went on tossing coins in there and Liebhaber then came up with the idea of using the coins to pay for a pair of wedding shoes. We are yet to get married in front of God and I’m looking forward to it. The Cinderella style dress, the sparkly shoes, the huge afro hair with an ediyemade comb and no veil!

Yup I’m all tickled lacey white dress and sparkly shoes obviously!

Anyways, one evening I got home from work and just tossed in large coins into a phone booth bank I had purchased on my last trip to London.

A few days later I began folding in smaller bills and then one day I walked into a gift store and this cute piggy bank was sitting pretty on the shelf. I started thinking that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad to invest in. It was about 10€ and bigger than any piggy bank I had seen in a long time.

Well I didn’t buy it but when I got home I never stopped thinking about it. So of course I went back but sadly it was sold out!

Every week I would go in there and check for it but for some reason the little piggy was becoming quite the superstar.

I tried again one last time before giving up and a staff helped me look because it had moved from the spot I first saw it. While searching, she told me I could drop my name and number and when they had a new batch, she would keep one for me and call me.

As luck would have it, there was one left and I grabbed it.

I was excited about getting the piggy bank because I was totally serious about saving! We have so many things we need to do this year and every cent would help a great deal. So I just basically turned out what I had saved in the phone booth into the piggy bank.

One of the ways I motivate myself to drop in money into the bank is by emptying my wallet at the end of a work week or if I go shopping and have anything left in my wallet when I get home.

Another thing I do is to sort of punish myself for irresponsible shopping per say by making sure I have a large bill to put in when I get home. I do have a shopping problem! Yes I’m a big girl with big girl panties bold enough to admit it.

Sometimes I buy stuff I won’t wear for months just because it was on sale or very cheap. And that’s a stupid habit I need to cut in 2017.

Imagine that you have lived in Nigeria where you are buying a regular pair for jeans for 10,000 to 20,000naira and then you get here and can get same regular jeans for 5 to 10€ which going by the current conversion rate that would be 1600 to 3312 naira respectively! Yup, I know…Crazy indeed.

It’s like Alexandra said “I feel like not buying these sale items is unfair to me!”

I guess when it comes to shopping, my mind is still attached to Nigeria and the fact that shopping wasn’t something I could easily do. But I live here now, where sales are a dime a dozen and online shopping is just a keyboard away!

So 2017 is the year to buy only what is absolutely needed and to save small bills and large coins. The piggy bank is actually quite big measuring at maybe 20/30 I don’t know, math isn’t my thing mbok! So I most probably will not be emptying it at the end of the year.

Who knows, maybe it will be opened when we start to plan a church wedding or when we do have our twins and they turn one and we can do something fun together as a family or when we become pensioners and can plan a one week holiday to St Lucia or maybe even buy a house somewhere in Ghana!

The possibilities are endless as to what we can save for and that’s the beauty of it, not knowing what we could use the savings for!

So yeah that’s it really. There shouldn’t be a reason why you have to save because an emergency can occur and won’t it be nice to know that you don’t have to worry about cutting down what’s in your account because hey, as much as an emergency has occurred, you still gotta pay your bills oder?

Anyways, have an amazing day y’all and kommt gut ins neue Jahr!



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