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The Großartig Possibilities Of The Year

Hey y’all!!!

It’s the tenth day of Christmas and to be quite honest I was (still am) blank about what to talk about. It’s easy to prep a blog post monthly but daily?

Wow! How do seasoned bloggers do it really? What super power do they have that enables them to keep going like it’s a large slice of cake?

Anyways, I had wanted to do a review on the new Harry Potter play book but it’s dark when I’m home and my photos would be worse than they already are!!

So since we are still fresh in the month of January, what else but strengthen our beliefs in the fact that 2017 will be the year of greatness.

I had promised to stop speaking English come 2017 but I realize it’s going to be a step by step process. One that I intend to work on. I do want to speak German fluently by the end of the year and for that to happen, I need to make the effort to take the steps needed for that to happen.

Get into the habit of reading German books and watching my favorite TV series in german. Speak more german too and one way I intend to make this work is by talking in English and German gleichzeitig. I realize it’s a way that could work for me being lazy and all. Strange yes but if it works, what does it matter??!

Another reason I’m hoping this year is great is the idea of having kids. We have gone through two Ivf treatments of which the second trial was really really(did I mention really?)bad and I was really angry about that. When 2016 began, I told myself it was the year of baby blues and breastfeeding but that wasn’t the case.

So am I still on about this year being the year of baby blues and breastfeeding? Hell yes I am!!! “They” say that thinking and staying positive is a great way to keep your spirit high and baby(no pun intended) I’m staying as high as I can possibly reach!!

So, another greatness that 2017 could possibly lead to? Fashion style and statement.

Like I am quick to say, fashion isn’t one of my many superpowers and that’s no lie! But I do love fashion. The knee high socks, the ripped baggy jeans, the body con dress and sneakers look, the layering effect…My list of amazing looks is endless and this drew me to the chictopia website where you get to see different looks and styles, where ideas on how to style that one sweater you have had for years and not worn because styling it was giving you a migraine, is a dime a dozen.

I created a profile(see bottom of page) and I’m slowly learning how it works. The outfit tag is a bit slippery but we be getting there soon enough!

Today I tried on a look I have been wanting to put on and I apologise for no photos because it was bloody cold and also dark on my way home. The look? A knee length ribbed dress with panty hose and knee high socks scrunched a good length above the ankles with sneakers. I actually liked the look and would probably try it again come spring but without the panty hose!

So basically, 2017 is the year I won’t be afraid to try different styles. A lot of people have their styles tagged from bohemian to chic and shaggy. Endless tags really but I cannot exactly say where I would tag myself more constantly because I can go from raggedy boyish looks to a girly one because I cannot say for sure who I will wake up to be! I have walked out my flat with sneakers and flared pants simply because I was fed up with wearing boots and thick socks in winter. As luck would have it, that day wasn’t exceptionally cold so win win!

I have a bunch of other life adventures I would very much like to edit this year and as much as I hate writing down resolutions, I may have to give it another shot to help me keep track monthly to see how well I’m doing in my quest for a greater 2017.

This life planner would come in very handy too but after I found out she was a Nigerian seller, I lost all hopes of getting it because no way am I paying for delivery from Nigeria to this side of the earth. Nah ah! I love it, but not that much! We have a lot of note pads and binders I can convert into some sort of planner, being into handmade and all so might as well get something done. Would mostly likely motivate me to keep the year on the path to greatness. Who knows oder?

So anyways, that’s a quick look at how I hope to make 2017 great.

What plans do you have for a great year?

Enjoy the evening folks!


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