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Twelfth Nacht!!

Twelfth night! The twelfth day of Christmas, Epiphany Eve as some people like to call it and the official day to take down Christmas trees!

Well I have taken mine down and I’m slightly sad Christmas is over but yes well every Dekor has been stuffed into appropriate boxes and will be heading to the cellar this weekend!

Today is also the last day of my random blog posts in a stretch. It has been fun sitting down on the sofa, phone or tablet in hand coming up with posts, it really has but to be honest I am totally glad it’s all over and i don’t mean that in a bad way!

While writing yesterday’s post, I was dozzing like a dog! You know that one person sitting in front of you on the train, who keeps nodding off every minute? Well that was me and it was so hilarious! I kept trying to stay awake and in the process would see a misspelled word or jumbled up sentences!

I was bloody tired after work and my bed was calling me but I made a promise and I plan to stick with it.

Well as you’d expect, I went straight to bed and didn’t open my eyes until six the next morning!!! Slept like a baby is not an ordinary statement!

The idea of having twelve posts in twelve days did seem like fun and like I said, it has been but I have learned quite a number of things from it and consistency is one of those things.

The idea of updating my blog daily and trying to create content even though I get writers block on a regular basis! It probably is why I have yet to keep up with my blog novel category and that is one thing I plan to get back into this year.

Making myself a promise and trying my best to fulfill it is another thing I learned from blogging this past twelve days. I am yet to create my life planner and the truth is I am scared shitless about that because I feel like having all that written down will not motivate me(Happens all the time!).

But I wrote 12 posts in 12 days so this should be a chunky piece of cake. So this weekend, I will start on my life planner! Wish me luck!!

So, it’s just the first week in the month of January…Cold as it has been so far but I am looking forward to spring already and yes I am a winter gal but something has got to give sometimes right? And right now I’m sick and tired of heavy coats and boots! Fingers freezing despite mittens, toes feeling like shaved ice and nose so cold Rudolph would probably be envious! But hey, noch sieben Wochen bis Frühling!!!

Anyways, it’s time to read a few chapters in my current book obsession before bedtime! Yes I’m an adult and I have bedtime! Big girl panties and all you know for not being ashamed to admit that!

Have a pleasant evening y’all!






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