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Januar Checked…Natürlich!

I was totally ready for January to come to an end so I could have a sort of recap on all my resolutions!

So, let’s see. What did I do or did not do?

Little Ms Bill Gates… kind of

My piggy bank is going strong and although I didn’t keep track of how much I slotted in(is that not the whole idea?) I did maintain a steady resolve for little miss piggy. The whole idea of trying to put away extra cash has been very exciting and has made me more aware of the fact that some times, you don’t need to buy every thing you see! That crazy sale of Januar is just maybe not for you. Am I still a shopaholic? Duh! It will take time to curb that behaviour. Thankfully I’m more of a quantity over quality kind of person. Life is too short for me to spend 800 euros on a very small Gucci purse.

This 10 euro Zara cuteness is just as good for my wallet and keys! Why should I have to buy that gorgeous Converse or New Balance sneakers for 80euros when I can wait a long time for the price to get down to 30?

Protection Of The Strands

I had my protective style for just about three weeks which is ok. It is not exactly sticking to my resolution, but come on now, Rome wasn’t constructed in one day abi? I am always experimenting with new styles and methods of adding in extensions to my hair. I did however add a new product from DM into the Isana line usage and I was not happy about the shedding I encountered. So it is safe to say the product will not be replaced once it is empty. I think just sticking with the Isana product may be best. I am just really excited about not having to spend all that money on American hair products that are bound to create a hole in my wallet because I dey try maintain my natchie hair. Mba nu. Nso mkpo?

Trollerin…The cute way

My online visits though still need a bit of work. I do find outfits and hair style inspiration from Instagram but I also get sidetracked by online gossip and funny skits that perfectly describe an african home!

Which is why I decided to join chictopia. This website is a gold mine for styling outfits you may have had in your closet but never actually thought about mixing them. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram has some amazing street style looks that you can easily dub and edit to your own way but chictopia is the real deal I swear. I find it a bit more personal than Instagram and the profiles a lot less mechanical!

I have however stopped commenting on racial discrimination sites. That shit don’t help me grow into a better person. You want to chant racist slurs? Please go ahead and knock yourself out. So long as you are not directly talking to me, na you get ya mouth.

The world isn’t getting better

I have accepted the fact that a new president has taken over the white House. A new president is destroying the country and turning America into a shit hole of death and destruction. It’s for eight years(because we know he will be sworn in for a second term. I’m so not kidding myself) so let’s pray that the world doesn’t getting affected by the stupidity of the American people (I’m kidding myself I know).

A country that has passed a law in a city that permits rapists to sue their victims who get abortions, a country where its citizens will not stand together with Black Lives Matter to combat inequality but cry bloody murder when this same organization turns a blind eye to their own protests. You cannot ignore a group and then get all cry baby when they ignore you. Women are marching all over the country and abroad as well, protesting the new presidency and calling for an impeachment. They are conveniently forgetting that the vice president isn’t any better. They voted for that joke so they best smoke that pipe long and hard for the next eight years and stop crying about it.

Teenagers are saluting Hitler on school grounds and laughing about it. If our future leaders are equally as stupid as we have shown timelessly to be, then the world may just be doomed after all.

February needs to be great

I am yet to creat my life planner and I probably never would because I do not do very well with written down plans. So instead of a life planner, I am going to do what I have called my life possibilities for 2017. The idea is to make notes of what I have accomplished so far regarding the resolutions I made and then some.

What’s the point of getting all worked up about stuff that you keep procrastinating and end up not doing then get mad at yourself and just make new plans that you won’t see through…Yeah that can be me most of the time!

So a new month bedeutet new possibilities and new adventures! A new chance at seeing your plans through and making you a better person!

Me? I’m embracing February like it’s a new dress and will be coming up with different ways to style it…So to speak!

Have a great week ahead and stay warm!


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