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Zara Täglich Und A Pop Of Wax Print

I couldn’t resist the greatness of the weather today. So naturally, I went on a photo shoot test featuring this oh so gorgeous Looney Tunes purse from Zara and my handmade hair comb

Don’t recall exactly when I got the purse, but quite recent actually. I’m looking forward to spring and summer when I can make use of it. I’m a huge clutch lover and would squeal with euphoria when I sight a nice big cheap brand I can afford without breaking the bank.

I love a good designer purse as much as the next girl but I won’t be spending a ton of hard earned cash on them. Referring to my last post, cheap products do the trick as well. I own one designer purse I snagged from my sister and that’s about it. I have a thrifted pure leather purse my mother-in-law so kindly gave me (will be dishing on all purses soon) and it’s so handy for days when you just don’t have that strength to carry a handbag.

This purse tho is made out of 100% polyester (so it says) and this is a fabric that I personally think can go kaputt quite easily (Zara seems to use this a lot as I also have a handbag with the same fabric).

But it has quite a refreshing feel to the touch and makes you want to keep running your fingers over the fabric…which may not be helpful by the way.

Since I have not used it, I cannot for a fact say how much stuff can go in. But my camera, wallet, and any train read I may be wanting to carry along can fit in quite nicely and isn’t that the whole point?

The strap is sturdy and short enough to not dangle too low if you would rather hang it than hold it. It’s colorful enough to add a good pop to your outfit.

As a woman who likes to mix colors in such a ridiculous manner, I would be a mass of rainbows and unicorn come summer!

It has got two inner pockets that lets you store little things like cards or keys or even your lipstick tub which we as women like to carry along for the fun of it because I have to admit that I hardly ever reapply my lips after a meal out. Especially if I’m on my way home. Why waste my tub when I will just be wiping it all off once I’m home oder?

Anyways, my opinion on buying designer brand is in no way meant to disrespect people who go mental over designer brands. Just my opinion! I go mental over quite a number of things so hey!

So yeah, I’m more of a discount chic. Which yes can have its downside with the fact that being a size M to L can be annoying when buying stuff on sale because these sizes get sold off really quickly.

But imagine buying a dress for say 30 euros and then on sale it goes for 12. Me? It pisses me off when that happens and I get sleepless night…truly I do?????

Speaking of dresses. I met a blogger who gave me an idea on content creation! She shared a post on her shoes of 2016 and I figured I do one for dresses of 2017…in December of course! Oh look! It’s not even the middle of the year and I have content already created for December! Lol so does that mean I can edit my Instagram profile to content creator? Hehe juuuusssst kidding!

So as someone who is mental about dresses, I just might get that done….if I remember all the dresses I bought this year that is!

So yes, I’m bonkers about this purse not just because it is so colorful and of course versatile, but because it is so affordable and wouldn’t hurt your bank account! Win win I say!

The hair comb I made as part of a set I was going to put up for verkaufen in the store I discovered a few months ago but a client has been asking about it and though she has not made up her mind about paying for the set, I decided to do a shoot with it. Plus it’s so cute too!

I have a serious addiction for hair combs and I truly cannot remember how I go addicted but it’s been so much fun making them and I like the way the vibrant colors lay across my dark hair.

I am not sure how many of these combs I own or how many I sold. They never stayed with me long enough to document because they always got sold out as soon as I was done making them. Yep, they were the ediyemade faves one time!

Keeping my natural hair gave me ideas on creating hair accessories that I love and it would be amazing to create a lucrative business from it. But as someone who has zero knowledge on using social media to blow my handmade horn, it gets tiring.

Anyways, I did enjoy my photo shoot with these two products and it would be great to stay consistent. Finding location is another aspect of photography that gets tedious but I guess determination makes a whole lot of difference.

Enjoy the week folks!

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