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Tutus, Lace, And The Biker Blogger…Oder So!!


I began blogging as a way to deal with boredom after I moved to Europe. I slowly learned to really enjoy it especially as writing is one of my greatest hobbies. The traditional way of course and not typing away at a computer.

Some may say calling yourself a blogger is so clichéd that the true meaning may have gotten lost somewhere but so what?

But hey, don’t mind me. The creation of my blogging activities is not the idea behind today’s post. Just a sort of intro into it if you may.

Something really tragic happened in the last couple of days and I’m still trying to digest it all but like everyone says, time heals wounds which is true but the process of going through time is the hard part.

I was going to stay away from blogging of any sorts until my wound healed but the truth is that blogging is part of the solution to healing. For me anyway.

Today is international women’s day and also the day of the great March for the women of America.  I was going to attend it, wear red in solidarity and even print out a placard but the weather this side is crazy and my solidarity is taking a rain check.

So instead, I’m celebrating me as a woman, black and completely happy because nothing is going to darken my sunshine.

My outfit accompanying this post is how I dressed up for this year’s carnival and even though I did not see the parade, I felt amazing in my outfit because I totally made the skirt all by myself.

The weather was too cold and I was already angry and hurt from the tragic event I talked about plus the train was taking so long to get to our spot so we left.

Anyways, I sort of updated last year’s costume by repeating the tights and the head band. Plus last year’s weather was amazing.

The bodysuit I got from the clockhouse department of C and A over two years ago and it’s a huge summer favourite outfit. Well the truth is I’m big on bodysuits and leotards.  I love them. They are so easy to style and fit everyone who dares to put them on.

Especially someone like me who has the inverted triangle body shape. Styling certain outfits gets tiring because of my broad (and of course toned!!) shoulders and arms. Luckily enough, my twin sis is always there to guide me through when working with outfits I find difficult to match up.

I met a blogger who is taking strides to improve her style and she is doing it so well. It’s always amazing to watch people grow through photos. Keep an eye on their evolving sense of fashion and also get ideas from them.

I talk to the Diva when I think of something I assume is a great idea and she encourages me to go forth and try the hell out of that idea.

As women, it is our duty to uplift us in any way we can. We are the bringers of life, evolution doesn’t go on without us. We keep shit together and we make the world a sane place to live in.

Now don’t go spoiling my flow and telling me there are bad eggs amongst us because guess what? Duh! I know but this isn’t about them and that’s ok.

So, my tutu! While in the fabric store, I was so indecisive about what color to pick. I knew I wanted something really bright and screaming out like a banshee so imagine how confused I was, looking at all the colors in the store.

I always wanted to make a tutu but I never thought about where I was going to wear one to. I’m not a fashion blogger so I wasn’t about to be filming a tutu street styling video and shooting tons of pictures but I trotzdem wanted a tutu.

Ending up wearing a tutu for carnival was so unplanned. Seit Dezember, I was prepping for the carnival. I was going to be an afro haired tomb raider. I got my guns, my holsters and I was on the look out for the complete lara croft clothing but nothing I saw was good enough. So just out of the blues I decided to be a tutu wearing, gun toting biker chic sans the bike. Sadly the holsters didn’t fit properly. So I also went sans the guns and holsters. Sadly.

Anyways, it was real fun getting the tutu done and it took me all of less an hour and I was mighty proud.

Who knows what I could dress up as next year right?

Anyways, that’s my Karneval shenanigans featuring my handmade tutu. So recap of the year’s resolution?

My piggy banking isn’t doing as well as I had planned. In all of February,  I probably only deposited four times and with coins of one and two euros.  So this March I need to do better.

My German speaking skills hasn’t picked up. I still write better German than I speak so we are going to have to go from 0 to 100 and fast.

I have my hair in a protective style and I’m hoping I keep it for the full month of march. For the month of Februar,  I had my hair out and would change my flat twist every week. I don’t recall getting a dc done but I definitely rectified that before I got crochet done.

I picked up a cute notebook from Primark which I have used as a life planner but now I have decided to make it a journal. I don’t write in it daily, just when I feel like getting stuff out and it’s all completely auf deutsch…yay für mich!

Oh and yes, I have completely ended the torture of reading hateful comments about people in interracial relationships! Another yay oder?

So that’s it for this Beitrag. I’m taking a page out of Oriwosdesign and discovering new fashion adventures.

Enjoy the week, stay warm and keep in touch with people you care about….


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