Eternal Fischnetz Strumpfhosen!

It’s crazy how slow the month of März was. I kept skipping days and it was not funny!

Anyways,  I impulsively deleted my old Instagram account because I wasn’t really liking the direction it was going and I needed a reason to clean it up.

The bad news I got hit me so hard I just said screw it and clicked the delete button.

It’s really crazy how things get put into perspective in such an unfair way that you start to question the idea of life but that’s just it.

So, the Instagram account for my blog is trying out a new look and riding head on into adventures​ I would probably never attempt.

My handmade accessories line has had to take a back seat for a while now because I get so tired after work and finding amazing fabrics around here is like looking for a particular needle in a jar of needles.

I used to order from England from a lady who always sold per yard but her prices have gone up and I’m not about that life. I cannot order directly from vlisco because I’m very small time and they won’t be making any profit from me so it’s pointless!

Which is why I have decided to get serious with adding other fabrics to the line and not just wax print.

Another adventure I will be trying is styling! I don’t have a particular style really.

Today I could be all baggy pants and biker boots, tomorrow I could be pencil skirts and biker boots oder sneakers and next week I could be chunky heels and girly dresses!

So it’s spring right? And what better way to attempt this whole finding your style thing? Well, truth is I’m never going to find a certain style. I just dress how I want and what I’m in the mood to slap on!

Speaking of in the mood. I’ve been a lover of patterned tights since I discovered some amazing pairs from H&M. I would buy every gorgeous pattern I could see and I was always excited! Then I discovered I could get even cuter pairs plus way cheaper in Primark!

As a Queen cheapskate, I would walk into Primark and expect to find sales!

So when fishnet stockings started making rounds all over, I knew I had to try them out!

This first pair I got from ASOS and I bet you are wondering…Green? Is she Hulk?

I wish! Oh I wish! The buildings I could leap off from?! But no, Dr Bruce didn’t share his gamma crap with me but I thought black was too boring and white was too bland so why the hell not green!

I’m yet to pair them but hey…Ideas!

This patterned pair I got from Primark for one bloody euro. Yes it was on sales that day and I didn’t even know until I got home and looked at my receipt. I mean one euro y’all! Whaaattt?

The next I got were these fishnet socks. It’s not summer yet so I cannot be wearing them just yet as the weather is still trying to make up its mind! And I got them for 2,50€! It came two pairs!

And then I just had to get them! The classic fishnet stockings from Atmosphere. Two pairs and all of 4,00€! You gotta love Primark!


I do love how versatile they are and photos on Instagram / Google photos gives you plenty options as to how you can style them!

I’m totally tickled pink that I can dress up in tights and long dresses this season because I was really fed up with all the heavy jackets and coats! This winter just wasn’t it for me at all but to be honest, it wasn’t thaaaaaaaaat cold really, so I shouldn’t be complaining!!

So are fishnet stockings here to stay? Will the trend die off ? I don’t care! Fishnet stockings are eternal for me!

Any fishnet stockings lover here? How do you style yours? Is this something you will attempt? Or ist es egal?

Einen schönen Tag y’all!

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