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The Currywurst Diät

The Easter Ferien officially begins tomorrow with the Palm Sunday. We both get our free days off work and aside from visiting the Schwiegermutter, we have nothing planned. There is a fairground opening somewhere in the city so we may check that out! So hey, frohe Ostern!!

The first time I saw the posters for the new Netflix series with Drew Barrymore, I knew it was something I wanted to see cos hey, who doesn’t love Barrymore right?

Anyways, did I think the posters were controversial? Well, the Currywurst posters I thought were a tad bit creepy and these posters were everywhere.

I harassed Liebhaber about the series and we had no idea what it was about and just to be clear, the undead didn’t cross my mind.

I recently watched one episode and I was hooked on the series.

It’s a bit too much gore and I’m not afraid to say that I look away when it gets too gory. I do miss my teenage movie watching days! There wasn’t any gore I couldn’t handle!

So the basic story line is a regular family wake up one day and the mother is a sort of live and kicking zombie who begins with regular fresh meat and then moves on to human flesh! Duh!!

But aside the regular zombie script, the series is amazing. The cast was well created, the premise is completely brilliant, the dialog is 100% beautiful and did I mention Drew Barrymore was in it? Plus it has to be the best performance I’ve ever seen of Timothy Olyphant!

So back to the poster and its controversy. The Germans took it very personal with the Currywurst poster and requested a take down of posters showing a part of the human flesh that looked a lot like the traditional German Currywurst dish. According to Wikipedia, the German Advertising Council sent in complains from the public showing concerns of how much the advertising was glorifying violence and making kids afraid. Plus it was disrespectful to the traditional dish.

The posters eventually got taken down which is probably why I don’t see that particular poster anymore. Duh!!

But I think it’s cool that people can calmly make a request and some council can actually do something about it. I mean, I didn’t even see any news anywhere about any sort of complaint. One day the posters were there and another day they were gone!

Anyways, the series got such great reviews that Netflix has renewed it for a second season! Wie schön!! And is it just me, or was Drew Barrymore pregnant during the filming??? She probably just gained weight but she sure looked pregnant to me but hey, wetin I sabi oder?

Go watch the series folks! It’s a good way to cure ones self from the idiocy of Iron Fist.


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