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Etsy Träume Und Die Farbige Accessoires!

I remember talking on here about finally finding a cool store to sell my handmade accessories and I was all excited about it!

Sadly that won’t be happening at all. Why you ask? Well I would like the answer to that myself!

After making agreements with the store owner, the idea was for me to make bangles using plastic raw materials.  Wood was always my preference but this is what he wanted and it made sense at the time because you know, commissions and all.

I did really feel like I was toning down my quality I have to admit but my plan was to stick with plastic for his store and go on using my preferred wood for the etsy store I was building.

So I went on Alixpress for products I could use to get this project kicking.

As you can imagine, it took me all of three months to have all my raw materials from that site arrive my doorstep and I was freaking livid.

This is why I always try to source materials locally. I’m either in Rewe, Rossmann, Kik or any local store like CundA or Takko doing sales on accessories so I could use those instead of turning grey and old before my products from Asia arrived.

Now lemme just digress here for a bit. My raw wood bangles I always get from India and I order for them long before I plan to start creating stuff to give room for late delivery but they never come late. Never!

Anyways, since the arrival of Primark,  I told myself I would get accessories from there to work on but take a look below! These earrings are just freaking 4€ for three yet idiots still manage to shoplift these??!

So yeah, the idea was to sell sets of necklace, bangles and earrings in the store and lemme say that necklaces are not fun to make for me so I stopped making them after the last designs sold out. They are too stressful and if I am to price them according to how they were made, nobody would buy them.

But I figured I do them for this store and after I had done two sets, I sent the photos to him, showing him how they would all look but in different fabrics and also different designs and guess what, I never got a response!

I mean I get that he has his own thing to do and all that but this was a mutual agreement and if you don’t do your own part how would this work?

I also wanted to interview him for the blog because I thought he was just so amazing and to be able to build what he has as a child of Ausländer, it was something to geek out about right? Especially with the crazy situation with the refugees, the world needs to be reminded that the locals alone cannot build a city!

So anyways, I got tired of making contacts and trying to plan a meet up because as much as I wanted to do this, I had my own things I was doing. They (whoever they are) say you should always know when to let go abi?

So I won’t be selling in that cool store anymore. I’m going to concentrate on building my etsy store and as much as I hate the work that will be going into it, it still needs to be done. May not be launched this year Christmas as I had hoped, but so long as it does get open for business, what does it matter when, right?

Anyways, I have made a mental list of stores I would contact for distribution but I am not holding out for a yes, just telling myself that at least I made the effort is all.

Fingers crossed for that etsy life oder?!

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