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The Magic That Is Handmade

Is it just me or does anyone else think April is freaking out!!!! Rain I get… April showers and all but snow??? Whyyyy??? Last year’s spring was so goooooood!

 Anyways let’s talk about those new year resolutions I made OK?
One of the things I really wanted to get into was sewing but I get so scared writing down my resolutions because I never see them through… Ever!
However, I have a whole lot of love for handmade, not because I am into it but because holding something that was personally made and quite possibly in the comfort of a warm home is magical!
Clean hands, probably a bunch of kids screaming around as the artist creates beauty or cross legged, watching an episode of GOT with pizza baking in the oven!
So I watched a few diy videos from a woman who sews, designs fabrics and patterns. And I was in awe of how easy she made everything seem. I mean sure it isn’t but I thought it was all beautiful and I wanted to have that.
I love shopping, buying cool articles and having the chance to style them all. So having the chance to make my own designs seemed like a great idea to me. And what better way to get motivated?
Liebhaber and I selected fabrics from a shop I discovered on Instagram, we also got some traditional patterns. And I say traditional because everyone now sells PDF patterns. Why would I pay you for a pattern and still have to use my own paper to print and attach?
Nah, I’m very traditional and gawd, some of these patterns are so amazing but man, print and attach? Which kain utom be that? So viel Arbeit für schnittmuster? Mbok nein!
Anyways, we got all that and I went on the hunt for cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter but nothing looked good enough and just like that, Liebhaber finds exactly what I was looking for!
Yeah, that confused me too but who cares! He knew exactly what I wanted and that’s all I care about!! The fact that he took his time to search the web for what I would want. That too is magical and freaking sexy! I was so excited when he sent me the ebay link. The price scared me shitless though and considering that we are saving for so many things, I was really afraid to spend all that on just these things. And being materialistic, I imagined four to six dress from asos or a pair of business shoes for the Mr!!
But anyways I’m excited! Can y’all tell? My stuff arrived the same day as my patterns and that’s a sign people!
Baby steps they say, right???
I may not accomplish all my resolutions this year but so what? It just means I won’t have to make new ones when the new year comes. After all, new year resolutions are not meant for the one year right? Oh and my order came with a freebie which I love obwohl it’s all made out of cheap crap! But the intention was good! A few spools of thread, scissors,  buttons, safety pins, all the sewing essential in this little bag!
So, yes I am truly happy to try my hand…again…at sewing and my first project will be pencil skirts.
In summer, Liebhaber and I would be driving around the city searching for wax prints…I haven’t run that plan by Liebhaber just yet but I’m pretty sure he knows now!
As much as I want to mix other prints and fabrics, wax prints has to be my basic and that’s not negotiable!
So I have my cutting table all set. Still figuring out where I would place my sewing machine and on what. But overall,  I am very excited to begin making magic with my hands!

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