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Wie Nigerianisch Seid Ihr?

I’m big on made in Nigeria. I’m like the unofficial ambassador to all things made in Nigeria and it warms my heart when I see people flaunting this too.

However I have noticed a few things amongst Nigerian Instagram profiles that makes you wonder. At least me!

If you check out this post, I talked about how Nigerian designers were not promoting the country in a way that seemed fair to me.

I think that if we are going all out, why not go all out in every sense right?

Anyways, let’s refresh our memory on that post, with a bit of edits!

In my opinion, Nigerian bloggers have the chance to (and I’m going to quote oga trump here) make Nigeria great(without the again) on a social networking level. I see so many posts on Instagram of bloggers living in Nigeria and they are amazing. Beautifully amazing.

So what’s the annoying trend? Using seasons that don’t exist in Nigeria!

I get creating contents (here I am oder?) but if you are going to use seasons not known in Nigeria, the least you can do is use Nigerian seasons as well.

Our spring collection collaboration, our fall/winter styling option. How to dress for spring…. Are you gaming me?

I keep waiting to see a blogger write about the harmattan or rainy season and the best ways to dress during these seasons. Or a Nigerian blog post about how to tackle the heat while using public transportation. Or the best shoes to wear when going to ojuelegba market.

As I said in my old post, Nigerian bloggers can make a huge impact on the growth of the country. The government and fashion houses need to recognize this. Collaborate with home based bloggers and not just on a small scale level. Not a one time thing. I get that the Nigerian public can be very judgemental but we have to start somewhere right?

Now the truth is that if I lived in Nigeria this very moment, I would never have thought about starting a blog. I take crap pictures, I’m no content creator and I certainly do not have the ideas to give people tips on how to dress for a certain season. Plus I’m too cheap to be publishing posts without WiFi connection. I’m a professional winger. Hell, I’ve gone to work sans jacket because I wasn’t in any mood to be saddled with heavy coats. I work ten minutes away from home so of course I could risk it. Plus it wasn’t winter season!

I have no idea how to pull a crowd or professionally ask people to visit my blog. I just write whatever the hell I feel like gushing over or ranting about and if you want to read it? Please by all means, knock yourself out. Of course I will announce the new arrival on my Instagram! Duh.

So if a blogger who resides in Nigeria publishes a post about how to dress for spring, and not also write about how I could style my cheap ass clothes in that hot Lagos sun or the wet/dry atmosphere in Port Harcourt, I’m not sure how I should take you seriously.

We keep degrading people who act non Nigerian and then we turn around and use words that are not commonly spoken in Nigeria that we grew up in. Example… “Oh we went to the same high school.”

Errr, no we didn’t! I went to a boarding school oder we went to the same secondary school.

“Go on my blog and read about the spring/summer collection I collaborated with mallam tanko.”

Oh you mean the harmattan collection abi?

Don’t contribute to making my Nigerian lingo extinct because you think it makes you cool for your following. Newsflash: you are already cool being Nigerian. It doesn’t get cooler than that!

So if you are a Nigerian blogger/social media influencer(what the hell does that even mean) and you are guilty of this, by all means make a counter post and “hexplain” yaself!

Oh dear, I haven’t ranted in a while abi? Ha! That last word reminds me of my dad. He had no idea what that meant and the truth is I learned it in boarding school or was that university? I truly don’t remember.

Have a fab Wochenende y’all! I’m off to gush over my newest fabric collection!