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Die Ältere Zukunft

It’s mother’s day today and it’s also the day for the NRW County voting!

Before I go further lemme just say that I have no knowledge of politics or how the craziness deals with people. But as a citizen, it’s only normal that I hear snippets of talk both in the news and people around me. Sometimes I listen, other times I zone out! And zoning out  happens so very often!

I’ve never in my life voted or even made a move to vote until Hillary Clinton declared intentions to become madam President. Hell, I didn’t even vote for Barack Obama and that’s through no fault of mine. I was still serving as per NYSC so I wasn’t about to go through the drama of overseas voting when I was dealing with the drama of being a corper in Lagos. Plus I remember the madness at the time and to be honest I did not get it.

How does Obama becoming president help the Nigerian public?

Anyways I got talking with Liebhaber about how the youths don’t make efforts at all to vote. It all started with driving!

I see a lot of really old people driving and it got me thinking that shouldn’t there be a driving age limit? In Germany at least.

No there isn’t. There is talk about making some sort of testing when a driver turns 50 oder so. Maybe 45.

But then, that could cause a whole lot of wahala for the politics of the country.

Senior citizens are a huge part of politics and as sad as that sounds, it’s the truth.

Remember Brexit? That crazy ass thing that the British government came up with? Yes that! Who went out to vote?


Today at the Wahl Center, a lot of the people who came out to vote were the senior citizens. The weather was great. It was sunny with an itsy bitsy wind that was so refreshing on the skin! Yes we went out to vote. Well, Liebhaber did. I just tagged along for the walk down the street. The weather was amazing y’all! At least on our way!

Out of all the people I saw today at the voting center, less than 5% were younger than 55. Where are the rest you ask? Oh I don’t know. At home watching Netflix? At a bar? Sleeping off the hard hours of the past work week? Spending the day with their mums(which isn’t a bad idea but are they all out voting? It takes more or less than 5 Mins).

It really does. We were in and out in exactly five mins. Sure the weather freaked out and began raining but it’s the sacrifice we as citizens need to make.

How is it that the older generation alone gets to decide how things work? The youths are the problem. Yes I said it!

They are busy wondering what Mrs Kanye West and her sisters are up to, cyber bullying, searching for trends that do nothing besides make you look good which isn’t actually a bad thing but there’s time for all that right?

Hillary Clinton may not have won, but I was satisfied with my effort. When I do eventually get allowed, I will vote in this country.

It’s the little things that count in the end. It takes nothing to do what you should at the right time. Not just when it comes to voting but with everything else really.

Bad things happen because good people do nothing. When a party candidate that could ruin the world wins, the world freaks out. Everyone gets on social media, hash tagging the idiocy when they could have gone out to vote.

People close to the grave are becoming presidents and world leaders because the youths are not interested in the drama of politics. God bless Canada by the way. And all those other countries with young leaders, showing the world that young people are not lazy or stupid either!

Now we have to look at the kids and hope that they do a better job than we are. I hope that the link connecting people to social media on a stupid scale gets broken.

People need to wake up and realize that nothing good can happen when good people sit, crossed legs, waiting for someone else to deal with the drama.

It rained, my newly made crochet braids got wet and my naked feet that were enjoying the sun in my beautiful Primark flats got wet and messy. But wir haben das geschafft and it took nothing out of us. Nothing.

Go out and vote. Who you vote for may not win, but that’s not the point. It’s the effort that counts.

Have a great Sunday y’all??