DIY Life Resolution Sewing


Funny how quick the year has been moving and sometimes it just feels as if you still have shit you need to get done and time isn’t on your side.

Most of my new year resolutions have been naturally forgotten, others are flourishing like hell!

I came up with the idea to join the life planner type thing and even though I wasn’t able to buy an actual planner, I made one out of a note book I got on discount from Primark.

I wrote down a few things I wanted to do from the month of February until July. And then I forgot about it.

Two days ago I found it while cleaning out a spot and looking at it, I realized I had done two of the goals I had set down for the months between February and July and I was elated.

Sure, it would be great if I did all but hey, work with me here OK?!

So new goals for August until December are being created and I do understand that life can happen and soil all your set goals. It’s why I’m not good at making life plans. But going back and seeing that I actually got something done, made me feel very happy with myself.

One of the very old goals I had set for myself was taking sewing lessons. I used to fiddle with the sewing machine my sister owned before I moved and then I just tossed sewing out of mind. Last year I thought about attending a sewing course with VHS but the timing was always wrong.

This year however, I picked up self sewing lessons and I must say that I’m impressed with me. Thanks to Youtube, I have learned quite a lot.

My measurements are still a bit off and I struggle with taking the right steps to adding pockets to an outfit but it’s slow and I’m loving it.

Who knows, I could one day open a clothing store in the city right!!!??

For now, I’m just going to take my lessons slowly.

So far I have made four dresses, two skirts, two overalls and pants. I do love working with Ankara and I will not stop until I find a good bargain.

I once considered ordering from Nigeria but first, lemme be certain I cannot get them here oder??!

Can you tell I’m excited!!??

What new thing have you picked up? Are y’all enjoying it? Dish!!!