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Rock On Rossmann!

OK, so I may not be a natural hair professional or guru but I have to say that the Rossmann products I have been using are giving me serious life!

Cutting it all off was the best decision I ever made on my hair and right this moment, I sort of miss having short hair.

The deep side part that stays put, the wash routine ease, the joy of going to bed without worrying about such things like moisture loss and breakage! Ha, it was beautiful and I’m going to do it again.

When I’m grey and old, with no patience for hair routines!

But let’s talk about these products from Rossmann. It’s been over a year now I started using the products and I had changed to various items or made additions. My idea was to try them out for a year starting from the big chop day then switch to DM. But my hair is doing great with these Isana products so why fix what isn’t broken abi?

My routine involves wetting my hair before applying my deep conditioner mix which included the tube and the tub, Jamaican black castor oil and olive oil, and a whole bunch of deep C treatments I would pick up from Rossmann.

Next I rinse out(depending on the time and what I’m doing, I could keep the mix on for 30 Mins to an hour), apply my dudu sound shampoo (which I made by cutting the bar into bits to fit this huge Dusche gel Flasche then added hot water)  just a little, wash, rinse, apply the Isana conditioner, massage and final rinse. Then just braid my hair down for whatever style I was planning on doing.


But now, I have found the two Deep C products I plan to stick with. I used to just buy what I could use two to three times. But I think I am going to buy a whole year’s supply and store away because I have had days where I prep for a deep conditioning treatment and I had nothing!

Oh don’t fret, these things are freaking affordable. Each product is way less that 3€. So let’s do some easy math here. I have a deep conditioning treatment routine twice a month. When I have no Kunst Haare on, maybe three times a month. Now I mix the two products together, add some oils and bam, I’m ready to rock moisture.

All these for just 7€!!!(caught a sale)

So, I’m not much of a product slapper on which means one jar can be used three times. So for the sake of non math geniuses such as myself, let’s say one of each works a month. This probably works because my hair is short. When it grows out I will be using more than one tub a month.

OK so this means I need 12 of each for the whole year. So(I feel like I have used this so often in this post but work with me here!) if they would each cost me 3€, let’s multiply 6 by 12 which comes to about 72€! Then for my leave ins, same application. I found two faves I will stick with but unlike the DC products, I use one tube/bottle of cream for over three months. So three should work for the whole year if I squeeze in usage! That should be what? 18€?

90€?For a year’s worth of hair products???!!! Whatttt? People spend that in a month!

OK so(bloody hell) I’m a Cheapskate and I will not blow 100€ at once on hair products so what I will be doing is spending 20€ (cough* or less) until I get enough for the year!!

Makes sense oder? Well, for a Cheapskate anyway.

These products may not be manufactured with dark skin women in mind, but they are made for all hair types which includes curly, afro, coils usw.

Speaking of, anyone tried the new fenty beauty products? People are raving about how inclusive it is and that’s all that matters right?

So the German make up market may not be great for dark skin women but they certainly rock the hair section! For me anyways!

At least I think so. My hair is doing great, it comes out so soft after washing and whenever I feel like my hair is cackling(yes it cackles y’all), I just simply do the LCO using tap water, my isana leave in and oil to seal in the moisture.

I have never used any product specifically designed for afro hair since my big chop. Not because I hate them (cos I don’t) but because I think they are way too expensive and I feel natural haired women are being unfairly exploited.

But I do get that the products take a lot of work but come on, 20€ for a curl defining soufflé? I can just use my home made whipped Shea butter cream for that.

Now, I always like to know that water is listed among the first three ingredients at the back(or bottom in this case) of the tub before purchasing. Makes me sleep better at night ???

In as much as Rossmann now stocks the Cantu Conditioner(which is a cent less that 8€) and I am super excited that black women in Germany who have no idea where an afro shop is can walk into the Drogerien and purchase something for them, I love the idea of having cheaper options. Not all of us can whip out 20€ for a tub of Shea moisture leave in conditioner.

So yes, it is offiziell, I’m the unofficial Poster gal for Isana. You never know, I could be striking a pose for the next product release during a photo shoot. Dreams do come true… Ask Kate Middleton

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