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For The Love Of Synthetic

It’s officially winter and I’m totally excited about it!

But that part I hate is having to take extra care  of my hair and that sucks major! Before I left Nigeria, I got weaving done on my hair and as pretty as it was, I knew it wouldn’t last. One: it was made way smaller than I had wanted and secondly, it was too long. I’ve come to the realization that long hair down my back is nicht mein Ding.

Then less than a few days, I took them weaving down and boy did my edges move along with the weaving!!!

So my plans for kinky braids protective styling for the holiday has been smashed. I need to revive my edges before I stress them all over again oder?

Anyways, I decided to give the zero drama queen clip ins by the big hair no care brand a try and I was very excited about receiving the hair.

The box my hair arrived in, is the cutest I ever laid eyes on!!! But I felt the weight of the box and disappointment set in.

I spent a little over 40€ getting this hair so why did it feel like it was just a few rows of hair?

Turns out it was just that! I was fuming and threatened to send the hair back.

It’s ten pieces of clip ins which includes a piece with four clips measuring about 10 inches, three pieces with three clips measuring between 6-8 inches or so and six smaller pieces with one clip each of about 1.5 inches.

Should I have ordered 2 bundles? I don’t know. What I do know is I’m not ordering hair online from anywhere for a long time. I need to know what I will be getting and the truth is if I knew the volume of hair I would be getting for 40€, no way would I have made the order.

Anyways, the instructions suggested brushing or finger detangling gently. I tried with the brush but I didn’t like how the hair looked after because it seemed like the curls were straightening out. So I finger detangled by pulling the hair to its length and separating the curls. This actually made it easier because the tips were tighter and just brushing was messing up the curl pattern.

So far, I’m going to enjoy the freak out of my synthetic hair. I’m a huge fan of synthetic hair especially one that has the texture of my own hair.

Which is what the lady who created the brand had in mind. The fact that you can put in extensions without thinking that another human being didn’t have to have their hair stolen or whatever to sell to a massive billion dollar market.

You might think, hey! High street stores you frequent engage in slave labor which is about the same difference right? But like Mrs Harrel said, this is what I can control, what hair I wear and she’s right.

A friend once said that her boyfriend hated that she shopped in Zara regarding the news that they are into slave labor and I asked her what cellphone he had and she said an iPhone.

Anyone remember the stories about the dark side of iPhone production? I rest my case.

I don’t know the longevity of this hair and truth is I wish I got two bundles, but the major truth is I can’t afford to buy two bundles. It would be nice if the one bundle came with more than four longer pieces, that way your one bundle lohnt sich obviously.

So what’s my verdict? Get the damn hair. If huge afro is your thing, get two bundles if you can afford it. I bought mine during the Black Friday sale. The original price is about 35 pounds and with the discount I got 10,50 pounds taken off but then paid 10 pounds for postage.

If it had more volume and had an extra 10pound price tag, I would definitely pay for it after all, I have bought synthetic European hair for 40€ so I will most certainly buy afro kinky hair for 40 pounds.

I’m a believer of supporting independent sellers, handmade and all. Not because I dabble in handmade, but because of the personality that comes with it. The beautiful note she inscribed on the box was very personalized and that just makes all the difference.

On my visit back home, I spent a few days with a family friend who was one of my first buyers and that she kept her bangles after all these years, I was moved to renew them for her. That is the beauty of handmade. Can Zara do that for you? Oh I know the answer to that one. Not even Gucci does that. I got a very nice Gucci bag from my sis and I needed to fix up the straps and wash off a stain on it. So I went into the store and asked how that can be done. I was expected to pay a certain price to have it sent to Italy and all of that.

I would have gladly paid for postage if that was all I was required to do.

My point is that handmade rocks! Obviously. So don’t forget to support your local handmade businesses and of course I expect to see you lot on my etsy page when that takes off!

Enjoy the week y’all ✌?✌?.

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