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When The World Survives On Truce

Christmas decorations are still up, trees are still glowing with beautiful lights, and the magic of Christmas is still present around us.

We caught a Christmas special episode of Dr Who and it was magical!

I tend to use that word a lot oder? But that’s the only word strong enough to explain the feeling of love, kindness and all round goodness that one reason to celebrate can bring.

Before I go any further, I have to gush about the fact that the new doctor is female y’all!!! I mean, come on. After soooooo many years of watching Dr Who and his kickass female side kicks, we finally get a female Doctor? Oh 2018 is going to be a damn good year!

I’ve never followed Jodie Whittaker’s acting career and I know nothing about her. When it was officially announced that she would be the 13th doctor I was excited and couldn’t wait to watch her regeneration. And when I did, it was glorious. She appeared in the British science fiction Attack The Block but I truly don’t remember her character. All I remember in that movie is John Boyega!

Anyways, the episode showed the greatness of Christmas and how this special time can bring soldiers at war together. The Christmas Truce as it is widely known was a great event that happened Christmas of 1914. The first World War, the time of poisonous gas and devastating deaths on both sides of the war lines. The time of enemy warfare and the forbidden entry into No Man’s Land.

Yet the German soldiers began singing Christmas carols. It was incredible, it was beautifully in sync and it was…yes, magical.

Enemy soldiers came together, exchanging gifts, laughter, and goodness on a cold winter night. Nobody cared about guns and missions and orders. Only one thing mattered. Christmas.

The battlefield became a place of joy and happiness. Stories of home, family and love were shared among soldiers who were supposed to be killing each other and it proved that Christmas really is magical.

Of course it didn’t last and the war went on. But that night on the war front when the magic was created, should live in our hearts and be told forever. That moment should never be forgotten because it is a great reminder that we as human beings can do the right thing when we set our minds to it.

It’s a great reminder that one man cannot change the world, but he can damn well try and when others stop and listen, watch him, they too can try and together the world can be made better.

No one is perfect, but we all try our best to do what is right. It may not always be the best but what does it matter, if the end justifies it?

In my opinion, we should not have to wait until Christmas for the magic that lives in us to manifest.

Check out this link to a fictional letter created from history about the Christmas of 1914. It’s a beautiful letter and totally explains what magic is!

Enjoy the last days of 2017 y’all. We are prepping for a Silvester Nacht house party and the host has asked for our special home made fried rice!

Stay safe y’all as we celebrate the stride into the new year. God bless us all✌?✌?