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Paperwork, Fairytale, Und Liebhabern

When I first started blogging, I used to have this pressure to blog every day or have a say about something just to fill up online space!

I still feel that nagging pressure but I learned to control it. I’m still an amateur blogger, I still take crap photos and my posts mostly fly off the handle. I’m slowly learning and I’m dreaming bigger things for this blog because I want this to be one of the pages people looking to make a life here can check out and be able to arm themselves with good information. I also want it to be a fun spot, a place anyone can find humor in the simplicity of life, get upset with the crazy things going on in the society and just basically understand that life is one day at a time.

2017 is done and dusted while 2018 is just beginning, and new adventures are happening, old habits are still on the verge of dying and new relationships are being formed.

I started a new language class and my first day was so scary. I knew it would be because I haven’t been in a classroom since 2015 when I did my B1 language level.

I’ve had dealings with the job center and I can assure you, it’s as terrible as everyone says it is. But for me that terror is with paperwork! Yes I know I’ve said it before but it can get really frustrating when government agencies here request for papers you probably have no idea where you last saw.

I recently applied for a permanent resident permit and the nice lady wrote down all I needed to show up with.

A night before my Termin, I was like a crazy old witch searching for everything I had. You may be wondering why I didn’t do this a week ago and that’s dandy. But the truth is I flung that paper the day Liebhaber and I filled it out. I naturally assumed that I knew where everything was!

Anyways, I arrive for my interview, sweating in that cold winter weather, my Akte a serious mess(papers everywhere) and the worst looking passport photo ever. Only to have this Beamter tell me I didn’t have all the paperwork even though I had all on the list I was given. Can’t you begin the process and I will snail mail the other, I asked and she goes plain no!  She then proceeds to add more stuff I should come with on my next appointment.

I left the office even more müde than when I got in. Imagine the great photo I could have taken my time to create if I had forseen the day right?

A lot of people grumble about the paperwork that Germany puts you through and I can understand that. I guess it’s the price you pay when you demand efficiency oder?

Sometimes, it’s a joke the crap they ask for. Maybe all the time? But you can’t fault their attention to detail, efficiency, or whatever you want to call it. It’s probably what makes them who they are and why the country is recognized as one of the best places to live in.

Are there downsides? Yes of course and one of those we recently discussed in class was having a mini job. Germany has the best experience with mini jobs. You can school and earn a living. You can have Kita aged kids and earn a living which is great for single parents.

With mini jobs, you aren’t obligated to pay taxes and the downside of that is you don’t get registered for pension and this just means you are going to be dead broke when you retire, assuming you hold a mini job until retirement.

Of course people complain about how pensions don’t pay much and this is absolutely correct. But that’s way better than having nothing at all. You have a side hustle? Even better.

I’ve been here four years, worked in two different places but I still haven’t been registered for pension. Why?

Well, my first job was barely seven months. My second job lasted a year and for you to be eligible for pension in Germany, you need at least three years working in one place, even though you still pay into the pension taxes from month one of your job. You just need to stay employed for three years before you become eligible.

Of course there are loopholes. One being that if you have kids and become a stay at home parent for three years of the kids’ lives, you automatically get registered for pension. Now I’ve had talks with a friend who said just giving birth puts you on that list sofort but I’m inclined to think it’s if you care for the kids until three years of age without taking them to Kita. I could be wrong seeing as she’s got three kids of her own, but rules change ever so often. Plus I actually think she stayed home until her last kid was kindergarten ready.

Life in Germany is quite enjoyable in my opinion and people always look at me weird when I say I’m Nigerian-American. They don’t get why I would choose to come here, learn a new language and integrate into a totally different system when going back to the USA would be the best choice!

Well, if I wasn’t married to Liebhaber, I would most certainly be in the US.

But in my next life, if I was to choose this all over again, I still want to be Mrs Liebhaber. Well, Liebhaberin for females, but you get my point!!

Germany is my home because Liebhaber is in it and I couldn’t do all of this if I didn’t have him to lean on.

Of course I preach be a strong woman who needs no man and I can most certainly live without a husband. But I chose not to because this man I call husband makes my life beautiful.

I’m all for independence and strength, feminism and no validation from any man. But I’m also for love and respect, for fairytale and ever afters.

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