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That Age Of Style, The Butt Hurt Fashionista!!

I certainly love it when people create original looks that makes you stop and stare.

Yes I always stare at girls who walk by me in an outfit that brings out my creative hat on how else I can twitch her look to fit me.

There are quite a number of outfits I have bought that turned out to not fit my style. It gets frustrating of course, especially when it looked great in your mind eyes.

So reading this blog post about what mothers should not wear naturally got me pissed off because the author of the post was so judgmental(side eyes here, I do get judgmental too but ehemmm, with good reason ok!?).

First of all, fashion is definitely relative. What you deem fashionable, to me it may just be a nasty look that I cannot ever pull off. So let us talk about two items on her list I had a problem with.

Capri Pants

When these became once more fashionable, I actually thought they looked silly and I was barely a young adult so hey what the heck did I know about styling right? But what are they really? Pants that are longer than shorts but not as long as regular jeans. #This attire was introduced by Sonja de Lennart in 1948. The tennis super star Nadel wore them a lot.#  I actually still find some variations very silly but the general idea of Capris is beautiful and I am all for the baggy downright weird looking styles. So for her to say mothers should not be wearing them is crazy because if you have a toddler, trust me when I say these pants are the perfect form of clothing to chase after kids.

There are so many different ways you can style Capri pants regardless of you being a mum or a young girl. With a shirt, a regular tank top, bodysuits, etc. The list is endless. Sure I have seen a few people who give Capri pants a bad name but so ist es mit jeden Kleidungen. When a mother dresses up, she’s not trying to act 20 or hope an outfit makes her look 20 because really, who the hell wants to go back to their 20s?

Maxi Dresses

I am a sucker for maxi dresses and I have a whole stash of them because these babies will never ever go out of fashion for me. They are so minimal, time saving and perfect for any day really. The truth? They are not very practical if you want to go to say, the playground with a bunch of kids. If the babies are still being pushed around in buggies and prams, if you want to go hang out with other mums. Hell, the practicality of maxi dresses are endless. They are elegant and very regal too. I would have all my maxi dresses in various colors like the Stabilo pack of text markers.


Yes that’s how damn crazy in love with maxi dresses I am and ain´t no shame babes!

My twin Schwester introduced me to maxis and I remember seeing her prancing around in them. She would have Ankara fabrics handy and draw out maxi dress styles for her tailors and I would be so jelly cos I never could pull them off at the time.

I was more of a baggy jeans, sneakers kind of girl to ever consider trying them on. One day she found a dress online and harassed me to get one. The minute i tried the dress on as the post man delivered it, I was hooked. Sure, I sometimes find them too long and end up folding in the hemline, but at the end of the day, they are just too damn practical to not get a few more.

Anyways, the author talked about other outfits I am inclined to agree with. Those short shorts are the worst fashion attire to ever get around. How the bloody hell do you feel comfortable letting your butt cheeks all hang out? Butt cheeks are damn ugly no matter what anyone tells you. They are beautified when you cover them up. I mean, come on. Have you seen the roundness of some women’s butt in nice pants, denim or otherwise? Oh lawd, my behind looks great in pencil skirts! I ain’t joking!!!

Someone once told me to not look if I cannot stand to see girls wearing short shorts and I thought that was a silly suggestion because I have to look. The shorts are created and worn for the person behind you to get a good view of your buttocks. I’m sorry but I gotta look. Wear a duster coat for crying out loud, something, anything to not show them buttocks to me biko. I don’t care if you are 12 or Miley freaking Cyrus. Those pants are not for anyone at all. Do I have short shorts? Yes. They are just not butt revealing, amen.  Do I wear them out with a crop top? Gawd no! I don’t even wear them out at all. To stay home crafting, doing house chores, relaxing on the sofa with my husband, yes. If I ever decide to wear them out, I have my jackets.

So, importantly, do you think there is an age limit to how a woman should dress? Should mothers dress a certain way? Are we as older women not allowed to make fashion statements that defy our age, so to speak? It is very difficult for people who don’t know me to guess my right age and I can assure you it has nothing to do with how I dress.

What fashion statement do y’all make that is yours alone? How have you created ways to find your style and stick with it?



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