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Myths, Blackness, And The German Cinema

We went to the Kino again for Black Panther. This time we saw it in German.

I have to say though that I wasn’t exactly expecting them to get it right because there is so much about the movie that made it important for it to be seen in its original language. And I’m not just talking about the accents the actors had to use. The jokes that were displayed in this film were poorly delivered in German and that just didn’t sit well with me.

I get that a movie with subtitles makes it difficult for one to follow,  but the truth is that for anyone (regardless of how good your English is) to enjoy this movie, it needed to be played in its original language.

I watch the series Suits on Netflix and I let the subtitles run in German because it helps me learn how to phrase sentences, to find the right words to use when talking to people I don’t know or even writing formal letters which has been so challenging for me in the past days.

My B2 test is coming up in a few weeks so I need to get my act together and deal with perfecting my formal letter writing skills.

The cinema we visited was really nicer than our usual place but the crowd is entweder too young or too old which makes watching the film a bit boring if you aren’t in the same age group as the crowd. The kids are just there to be a show of hands that they are in with the trendiest movie. The parents are there to support their smaller kids who are only allowed to see the movie with an adult present.

So the representation of the movie was lost on this crowd. The movie shows a culture this crowd didn’t understand. There was a group of teenagers who made fun of the culture and I really can’t say I blame them for the ignorance. I’ve met a second generation Turkish refugee who actually thought that Africa was a country. I’ve met a lot of ignorant people in this country  who associate the continent with poverty,  starvation and illiteracy. I’ve had discussions about racism with an Ukrainian that validates the belief that you can’t explain racism to some certain people. I broke a friendship with a Romanian classmate who believes that there is no difference between racial slurs and freedom of speech.

In a few years I will be the big 40, I’m too old to smile with racists or pretend that blissful ignorance is OK.

The vibrancy of this Marvel movie showcases a ton of African cultures that needs to be discovered and it bites on the idea that we as African people have come together to change our narrative. The reception of this movie has proven that the black community can collectively dismantle narratives established by people who aren’t black.

A lot of people actually hate the movie and I’m inclined to believe it’s because the cast is more black than the usual Hollywood Caucasian madhouse and they just can’t understand it. That a movie so black, so original, so African, could actually hit box office in just two weeks of its opening. And is still breaking down idiotic cinematic myths no less.

I do hope this movie hits the one billion dollar mark just for the beauty of it!

Anyways I would suggest not watching the movie in German because it sucks big time and isn’t half as fun as the original.

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