Dreaming Of A Better World

It’s Good Friday  and it’s a day we should mostly have good thoughts, be nice to each other and still have hope that one day, all the bads in the world would be a thing of the past.

But it’s really hard to not feel worried about the state of things and the fear that it won’t change so soon.

The mass shootings that has been going on in the USA since forever opens up a bowl of hot online discussions between strangers. Those who either support gun control or those who think anyone should own a gun.

The argument that having a gun is safer than not owning one, that a gun owner is mostly a savior when faced with mass shooters and the fact that people seem to not understand the whole idea of gun control is frankly gobsmackable.

In certain European countries, the gun control laws are tough and you can very well see that tougher gun laws make a huge difference. You cannot just walk in and purchase a gun. The restrictions are not there to stop you from owning a gun. They are put in place to make sure the right person owns a gun and that’s what the American public is missing.

But the irony of it all is that racism still plays a massive role in all of this. An unarmed black man is shot in the back 20 times but a caucasian terrorist who attacks a church and shoots a few people dead gets given a bulletproof vest and calmly driven with police escort to the precinct.

A black man owns a gun and he is a thug, a criminal, has a dubious past. But a caucasian gun owner who walks into a school and kills his school mates plus himself gets labeled a troubled child who was spanked and punished by his evil parents. His past isn’t used against him. Instead it is used to show sympathy. He isn’t called a danger to society because of his skin color.

A judge asks a woman if she tried closing her legs to prevent rape and every idiot claims it’s a question he is supposed to ask to verify her story. Another stupid question is “did you call the police?”

Let’s see how this plays out: you are being raped and you reach for your cell phone and dial 911 “hello officer, please help me, I’m being raped at this very, moment. In fact, the beast is still on top of me, heaving so heavily I can barely breath from the stench of his breath.” Yeah, that should prevent rape.

A paedofile has the audacity to campaign and the caucasian American public actually go to vote for him but God forbid transgender people are allowed bathrooms of their choosing. Oh how can they get bathrooms of their choosing? Our poor little caucasian kids are not safe around them. But a stupid ugly caucasian man who sexually molests young girls is safe enough to be a political leader? How’s this even right?

We live in a world where people are justifying rape.

An article I read online talked about a new type of pants that was made to prevent you from being raped and I call it rape justification. If that article was a joke, I have no idea but I didn’t linger long enough to verify the story because frankly I am not interested.

People seem to forget that rape has nothing to do with clothing. More often than not, people are raped by someone they know. A young child who was raped wasn’t dressed provocatively, a school girl on her way home wasn’t in anything sexual. Why should I have to spend 60-120€ buying a pair of pants that’s “supposed” to keep me safe from rape? Because doing so means that I’m saying it’s OK for a man to think of raping a woman.  After all I have a way to protect myself.

I guess when a woman reports rape, the question would be: why did you not purchase the anti-rape pants?

Why would you see a woman report rape then say she was asking for it. Who the bloody hell asks to be raped?

I had an exchange of words with a stranger on Instagram over a photo of the most recent idiot child who shot his classmates and her opinion was that he was a victim of bad parenting. That his parents spanked and punished him as a child.

My reply being my mum spanked and punished me but you don’t see me bullying and shooting my classmates.

But of course, all those I-am-a-perfect-mom-because-I-let-my-kids-do-what-they-want-type are the reason young kids go out to kill their classmates. Entitled kids who don’t understand the word No. Entitled kids who think that they can do whatever they want outside of their home and not face the consequences because you know, skin color and all.

It’s totally sad how badly America is behaving. The difference between being dark skin and caucasian is so huge it’s mind blowing.

A country where the prisons are privately owned and these owners make money when people get incarcerated is just downright wrong…on every level because we know what skin color gets prison time.

When caucasian men use words like “you people” when trying to prove a stupid point about being black as if you have the greatest knowledge on what it’s like to be black.

Of course, if you asked them to choose between being black and being a log of wood, guess what they will be choosing. Rhetorical question in case you were wondering.

They complain about the black community yet not one caucasian person would survive a day in a black man’s life.

Or when a bunch of old caucasian men sit down and make laws on how a woman should treat her body and yet one of them, a chronic cheat, gets his mistress pregnant and orders her to abort it.

The same man who signed his name on a paper that prevents women from having abortions regardless of the pregnancy coming from a rape incident.

Yet America isn’t even a welfare country. Their strict child protective services are a joke and insult because more than half the time they don’t actually protect kids.

No one should have the right over your body except you.

Christianity is used now as a tool to tell people how to live in the terms you deem perfect when you yourself are the worst kind of Christian, giving the religion a bad name because of how you choose to interpret the Bible.

As a people, we should do the best we can and hope that our kids don’t grow up to punish the society for their shitty lives. While we are training our daughters to protect themselves from rape, let us also teach our sons not to rape. We are the past, they are our future and we should protect them, teach them to be better than us, to strive for great things without stomping on anyone to become great.

This is me, this Good Friday evening, dreaming of a better world for my kids.