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The Apprentice’s Dilemma

There is nothing worse than spending so much time getting yourself ready for a test and feeling that you may not have done great but fully expecting to make it and not actually make it.

Yes, that happened to me. And what I find really ironic is that I studied so hard to write the perfect formal and informal letters while just browsing through the rest and yet my results arrived and the one thing I studied for had the worst scores.

I was visibly upset especially seeing that all I needed was just one point to make it through to the B2 grade.

I’m sitting in for a retake later in the month and I’m a bit stubborn about studying further for the same damn test.

Why did I take the business German test? Because I’m planning to apply for some kind of apprenticeship. A masters program was always what I wanted to do but seeing as I wasn’t able to get my transcript, I have to settle for an apprenticeship.

Now choosing what fits me has been so difficult and I basically get migraines just going through all the possible courses and cross checking them with my qualifications.

I’m getting tired of sitting home and doing absolutely nothing but wait to take the test again because I couldn’t pass it the first time around. It’s totally annoying but that’s life oder? You win some, the others, well…you loose those.

In the meantime, I have to submit my secondary school grades as well as my statement of result to the Amt in charge of foreign degree evaluation and that takes months to be done. (don’t ask me why !) Can I make it this year in time for the start of an apprenticeship program? I hope so.

There are so many options and so little time to make a good choice. Especially when you are still so damn mad about a stupid test that should have been a breeze. This is first language test I have failed and it better be the last.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy with the etsy store which is in truth not doing as well as I had imagined. I feel like the whole point of having an etsy shop was lost on me ???.

The weather is slowly warming up, which means outdoor events could be well underway so I better start googling(is this an actual word!?!) to see whuch of these events are in the neighborhood that I could attend and auction off all my handmade makes sitting pretty in their boxes in my work room. Should be interesting!

For now, gute Nacht und stay blessed.



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