Dark skin USA

Single. Brown. Supermum. Shero.

There has been a constant online bashing of brown single mums and anyone who says it’s not racism has been living in that caucasian privilege that every caucasian likes to deny exists.

The appearance of Billy Porter in a dress left some people in awe and others angry. The idea that a man in a dress was emasculating other men was down right laughable and very sad indeed.

It brought to light the stereotyping of brown women and how gay brown men were a result of brown women being single mothers by having babies for jailbirds or irresponsible men with no interest in being fathers and it was very upsetting for me as a brown woman.

It’s so easy for people to complain about brown people playing the race card when every single day, it shows in the lives of regular brown folks.

A brown mother has to deal with a sumo wrestler looking teacher who ripped off braids from her daughter’s head and all people want to know is where the father at. No concern whatsoever for a child being physically abused by her teacher. As if the mother couldn’t deal with the situation sans father.

A lot of European men and women with both parents still turn out gay so why the bloody hell is the world blaming brown single mums for brown men being gay? I’m very confused as to how being a brown single mum makes your son gay.

A gay man in a dress doesn’t in any way make straight men loose their masculinity. If you are worried about loosing your masculinity, how about you step up as a man and take care of your shit, how about you call out your best friends when they gang rape a woman, how about you as a male politician not sign off on bills that destroy women?

It’s very important for people blinded by their previlage to understand that minorities have it tougher and yes I agree that not everything is about race but in this case, you have to wonder at the sheer idiocy of the minds of white(and some not so dark minorities) America.

The same people condemning a brown woman for raising her son alone are the same people who would ask for her head if she dared to abort the child.

You check out a video on YouTube where a caucasian privileged woman decides to school minorities about the difference between appropriation and appreciation (yes her attempt confuses me too) and all the privileged followers praise her and condemn brown people. But a video condemning white folks on pure racism, those same people are no where to be seen. Videos that prove racism exists and they are silent. How hypocritic is that oder?

Billy Porter is gay and confident in his fashion choices yet the very existence of him and those choices upsets some of the men of America.

Worry about more serious matters and please leave that man alone. He isn’t the one stealing your sad sad masculinity. In fact, if anything, his presence alone should remind you of the things you ought to be doing as a man with ‘so much masculinity’.

Brown mothers in America struggle every day and the very life that others live so easily, these women have to jump triple hurdles to get through that same journey.

Brown women keep being blamed for what goes wrong in the community and are constantly shamed for being single mums meanwhile other races don’t face the same backlash.

People are quick to bring a brown single mum down because of the stereotyping but a caucasian mum raising her kids alone gets praised and y’all say it has nothing to do with racism Abi? Even the Media perpetuates the idea and belief of broken homes being a normal thing for brown people.

A lot of terrible things happen in the caucasian community but you don’t see people condemning them for it. For example, them white folks have the highest rate of divorce, incest, pedophilia, serial killings, terrorism, animal cruelty, sex with animals, and the list goes on.

People complain that brown people are holding on too long to a past that was filled with atrocities but can you blame them? The unfairness is still rampant, history isn’t being properly taught and brown people face more jail time for the smallest offense while the white man/woman who raped someone or killed a whole congregation gets a Macdonald meal treat and community service. Brown youths with no priors are tossed into jail but white boys are pardoned because no one wants to soil their former squeaky clean record.

It’s a shame when other minority people complain about brown folks fighting for justice because some of the things these people can easily have access to was fought for by brown people. Gina Rodriguez complains about brown women but on the other hand she is fighting for equality for Latinas and that doesn’t reek of bigotry to you?

Caucasian parents stand up for their rapist sons and are saluted. Women rape children in their care and their husbands say the good their wives have done should outweigh the crime of pedophilia.

Why should a brown mum be punished for raising her kids alone but caucasian women get praised and dubbed strong for doing the exact same thing?

There are a million and one reason why women choose to be single mothers. As long as you are not close to them, one can never know the full story so the lack of a father/father figure should never be a reason to attack a woman raising her kid/kids alone. It’s her choice, one in which you have no say in.