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Monsters Of La La Land

Leaving Neverland is a documentary everyone is talking about.

I remember when the first lawsuit aired. I was quite young and didn’t exactly understand all the details.

But I remember the jubilation when Michael Jackson was cleared. There wasn’t any evidence found against him and even after the raids, not even a photo of a kid was found on his computer.

Y’all know the story so we won’t get into all that. But what we will talk about is the rage the public or some of it is feeling.

Some think this new accusation is baseless on a man long dead. Others think dead or not he should be condemned for his alleged crimes.

This just takes me back to the Kavanaugh and his accusers and everyone(including the president) asking why they waited 30 years to point a finger and I say bullshit.

Racism is being called into it and I agree to a certain extent. This man is dead and suddenly two non brown men are coming out to claim he molested them when no evidence has been released to support their claim, yet a documentary has aired and the public has pronounced him guilty.

When the same thing happened with Kavanaugh, everyone wanted to kill the doctor who publicly accused him and they said she was a liar. Kavanaugh was innocent until the court pronounced him innocent.

Roman Polanski sexually abused a teenage girl and sought refuge in another country, even won an Oscar.

Woody Allen had sex with his adopted daughter. Jerry Lewis married his 13 year old cousin. Elvis Presley had a fetish for girls as young as 12, had sex with 14 year old girls, one he ended up marrying.

What connection do these men have? All white men, mostly in entertainment and innocent of all these crimes even with facts and evidence but you don’t see anyone making documentaries to smear their names to the public. The media is controlling the narratives and brown men, innocent and guilty are the monsters being dragged.

Let’s not even bring up the catholic church and all the pedophilia going on under the watchful eyes of so called Christian men of God who teach us morals while thumping the Bible at us.

The media is diverting our attention and we are swallowing it hook, line, and sinker.

But it isn’t just about racism. It’s textbook misogyny. When a woman accuses a white man, she is a liar and the man must be innocent.

Another argument is that in the time of Presley, everyone was having pedophile sex and it was OK and nothing to compare with Michael Jackson’s own story which I believe is completely disgusting and anyone that thinks like this shouldn’t be having kids or be around kids.

Wrong is wrong no matter what the time stamp is. Elvis sympathizers are condemning people calling him out saying it’s unfair to his kids. Kids? His “kids” are grown ass adults who probably have grandkids of their own. How much more hypocritic can we be?

This just proves how easy it is for white people in America to make excuses for their own race. We see it all the time and that’s sadly how it’s going to be until something changes. Remember the story of the white cop who shot a black man in his home because she thought it was her apartment and he was an intruder? The excuse? “It was just an honest mistake.”

I’m not making excuses for the brown men who actually commit despicable crimes. Those with evidence of their crimes MUST pay. Bill Cosby is in jail thank God. R Kelly is next and I hope he rots in jail for all the sick things he did to young women.

The unfairness and injustice being rubbed onto our faces is so upsetting because as long as these people control the narrative, brown people will always be seen as the enemy, people who aren’t deserving, people who shouldn’t be believed under any circumstance. True or not, brown people are the monsters. When caucasians commit the same crime, they shouldn’t be judged because they just shouldn’t.

But the question is, am I canceling Mr Jackson? In a way yes I am. I have stored away all my MJ merchandise and I won’t be wearing anything that has his face or name on it until his name has been cleared.

I’m always on the side of the accuser until the truth comes out. I do not completely believe the men although I always felt his relationship with kids was too weird and it was open season on possible claims. But as long as they say he did, then shouldn’t we listen to them?

Since the first lawsuit until today, no evidence has shown he molested kids. The police and FBI found nothing to tie him to anything.

It’s going to be a tough one on account of him being dead and unable to face the courts and prove his innocence.

So, if he did what those men say he did, he should be called out for it, dead or not. If he didn’t and those men were paid to accuse him, then they should go to jail for conspiracy.

This post has a lot in interesting information and thoughts on the matter.